B2B Video Marketing 101

b2b video marketing

In search of a complete beginner’s guide to B2B video marketing? You’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll explain what B2B video marketing is, why businesses should invest in it, and how to create your own B2B video marketing strategy and content…   As an overview, here are the 9 things we cover in … Read more

YouTube Video Ad Specs And Advertising Tips & Tricks

youtube video ad specs

If you’re ready to start advertising on YouTube, our quick start guide for YouTube video ad specs includes everything you need to know! Read on for helpful tips, tricks, and ideas on how to create a successful YouTube video campaign…   YouTube is a video sharing and social media platform that has become a household … Read more

The All-in-One Guide to LinkedIn Video Ad Specs & Strategies

linkedin video ad specs

LinkedIn video marketing can be an extremely effective way of generating leads, engaging with candidates and customers, and establishing yourself as a thought leader within your field. When creating content, it is important to know what the LinkedIn video ad specs are, such as the required size and what formats are supported. So in the … Read more

Top 5: May 2022

everything is going to be alright

How we feeling this month? Burnt out? Need a boost of motivation, or inspiration? Maybe just need a tiny bit of advice? Good news: our May Top 5 has got you covered…       #5. 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I had Known Unsolicited advice from a 70-year-old on everything he wished he … Read more

Top 5: April 2022

Here’s our Top 5 round-up of our greatest finds from April 2022. This month, we’ve included a video about the formula for viral videos, a star-studded sports marketing movie, and smart insights on outside-the-box marketing channels…   #5. Infographic: The Impact of Reddit Ads Thinking of branching out from advertising on the usual social channels? … Read more

Top 5: March 2022

Spring has arrived here in New England and it has us feeling like this. We hope you’re reading this with an iced coffee in hand and a bit of sunlight pouring into your (home?) office… Here are our Top 5 finds in March 2022:   #5. The Dropout Trailer Have you been watching The Dropout … Read more

Marketer Monthly: December 2021

We’re sharing December’s Marketer Monthly a little early this month, as we’re planning to wrap things up a bit early this year… we wanna slide into holiday vacation mode ASAP. We hope you can do the same! Next week, we’ll post our annual Recap which will include a video remixing our favorite projects from 2021 … Read more

2022 Social Media Holiday Calendar


We’ve created a 2022 Social Media Holiday Calendar to help you plan your content… It’s designed with photos of EditMate’s native land (the eternally photogenic New Zealand) and includes heaps of traditional holidays, corporate-y holidays, and just-for-fun holidays to give you inspiration for highly shareable social media posts all year long. Scroll down to see … Read more

Marketer Monthly: November 2021


Hey! Can you believe it’s the end of November, already? This year has been a bit of a time warp for us — but it feels like it’s absolutely flown by.   Here’s the best stuff we’ve enjoyed this month:       Iceland’s Viral Tourism Video We’ve been fans of Iceland Tourism’s Marketing Campaigns … Read more

What is Community Marketing?


While most marketing strategies have the goal of attaining customers, community marketing focuses on existing customers. Community marketing accomplishes the tasks of treating customers like people of value, rather than just numbers on a revenue sheet.   Benefits of Community Marketing An obvious benefit for businesses is that it increases customer loyalty. It increases customer … Read more