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YouTube Channel Starter Kit


If establishing or growing a YouTube Channel is on your list, this YouTube Channel Starter Kit is for you! Read on to learn a simple strategy for planning your video content that will help your business grow and connect with new customers. 


A lot of customers come to EditMate with the goal of building out a YouTube Channel for their business.


Because YouTube has become a major search engine for anyone, searching for anything online.

YouTube is owned by Google. And Google’s ecosystem of search tools (YouTube, Google Images, Google Maps, etc) makes up about 90% of online searches.

You’ve probably noticed how often YouTube videos pop up as search results when you search for something on Google:

youtube channel starter kit

A Google search, where a relevant YouTube video is the first result. Apparently, millions of people have searched for “how to eat an apple” proving you can truly make a video for any topic. (lol)


Beyond that, according to Rand Fishkin, founder of SEO tool Moz, YouTube has more search volume than Bing or Yahoo, more than twice Amazon’s, and three times Facebook’s.

And the popularity of YouTube as a search tool will only continue to grow because it’s most favored by the younger generations: Gen-Z and below. 

In fact, a recent Austrian survey among teenagers stated that YouTube is their No.1 search engine. 


So, if you want your business to be found: get on YouTube and start creating consistent and searchable content. 

To help our EditMate customers do that, we’ve been working with them to outline video content plans to populate their YouTube channels. 

With a purchase of a 12 Pack and the basic plan we’re sharing with you today, (strategized with our Pow, Push, Pull framework)  any company or organization can build out their YouTube Channel. 

We’ve even included a handy worksheet to help you organize your own content plan – just scroll to the end of this post for the free downloadable & printable worksheet!

Quick Tip: You may want to review our Pow, Push & Pull: Content Marketing Videos post before reading this as we refer to those types of videos throughout.


Use this simple YouTube Channel Starter Kit to plan 12 videos and have search-engine-optimized video content working for your business all year long…

YouTube Channel Starter Kit

1 Pow Video

This will be your “Channel Trailer” – the main video on your YouTube Channel for new people who haven’t subscribed yet. 

This should be an explainer type of video, introducing your business in a general but memorable way. 

Create this video first. 


6 Pull Videos

Pull videos literally *pull* new people into your brand’s orbit by answering the questions that your target customer is searching for online. 

These videos shouldn’t be sales-y or promote your product, but rather educate your audience on relevant topics and merely introduce your brand to them as a helpful resource. 

If you keep creating videos like these, you’ll begin to position your brand as a leader and authority in your space. And you’ll start getting subscribers. 

Plan to create 6 of these over the next 12 months, about 1 every other month.  


4 Push Videos

Push videos are ones your plan around your existing audience: like your subscribers, email list, customers, and social media followers. 

These people already know what you do and who you are, and they are interested in and expecting to receive your content. 

These videos should entertain or delight your viewers: update them on your business, show off a new product, celebrate a relevant social media holiday, or share a behind-the-scenes look at your company culture or employees. A great way to plan your Push videos is to organize them in a Video Series, around a particular theme. 

To start, a good cadence is to create 1 of these per quarter (every 3 months). This will help your business stay top of mind. 


1 Year in Review Video

At the end of the year, after you’ve produced the 11 above videos, wrap up the year with a video that shares your company or organization’s accomplishments from the past 12 months. 

This can be more personal, showing off behind-the-scenes footage, employee milestones, or the various ways your organization has succeeded in helping its own customers and community.

You can schedule this video to release in December to coincide with the calendar year, or plan for it to go out on your company’s birthday, or anniversary – any significant date that marks the passing of another year. 

Get more ideas for a Year in Review video here


And with that, you have a YouTube Channel Starter Kit: 12 solid videos, and a whole year’s worth of video content to populate your YouTube channel with!

Remember to re-purpose each of the videos (create cuts in different lengths, formats, or with different calls to action) to share them on your website, blog, and other social media channels. You’ll want to maximize the ROI of each video and get as many eyes on it as possible  – remember the Rule of 7!


Lastly, to make your job even easier, download this *YouTube Channel Starter Kit Worksheet* to help you organize your video content plan. 

Good luck creating and reach out to EditMate to let us take care of your video editing needs. Contact Us!


P.S. Learn more about the Pow, Push & Pull Video Content Framework here.

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