10 Types of Camera Angles

10 types of camera angles

Today, we’re talking about 10 types of camera angles you can use to make sure you capture visually interesting & dynamic footage for your next video.  Our clients often ask us for video tips, either to use themselves when they’re filming or share with their Mobile Crew that uploads video clips to their projects with … Read more

How to Record Audio for a Video with a Phone

how to record audio using a phone

Good news: if you are using a phone to film a video, you have everything you need to record audio for your video, too! It’s super important to record high-quality audio, especially when filming interviews or testimonials. EditMate’s video editing service can always improve the sound of your video but it’s still best to record the … Read more

How To Make a Year In Review Video That Highlights Your Company

how to make year in review video

When you hear the phrase “Year in Review video,” you probably think of big brands like Apple, Facebook, or Google that put together epic recaps for their giant companies at the end of each year. But did you know any business can make a great Year in Review video without having hundreds of employees or … Read more

How to Shoot a Video Interview

how to film a video interview

If you need a step-by-step guide on how to shoot a video interview, you’ve come to the right place. Shooting an interview video can be a straightforward and effective way to produce video content for your brand. Whether you’re capturing customer testimonials or spotlighting employees for an employer brand series — here’s a list of … Read more

What is B-Roll?

editmate episode 2

If you’re just starting out on your video-creating journey, you may be asking yourself: what is b-roll? Today, we’ll talk about what exactly b-roll is, why it’s an important part of any video, provide tips for filming it and share helpful video examples to help illustrate what b-roll can look like.  In Episode 2 of … Read more

How to Film High Quality Video on Your Phone


It’s easier than ever to shoot high-quality, vivid videos on your phone. And following a few best practices can elevate the quality of your videos even higher! We’re excited to be collaborating with Film Director Leef Parks to share these simple but super useful tips on how to film high-quality video with your phone…   … Read more

9 Rules of Video Composition for Business Videos

video composition

Producing videos (and therefore understanding video composition) has become an important part of growing a business. Keeping up with changes in the digital landscape has everyone learning new skills to gain new customers and connect with their community… And now, video is on everyone’s to-do list.  Whether you’re using it for a website, social media, … Read more