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Easy Video Lights Under $50

easy video lights under $50

Whether you’re filming a video interview or just want to look great on your next Zoom call, we’ve found you 3 easy and affordable lights (all under $50!) that will make you or your subject shine bright. Lighting is everything and in this video, our Video Content Director Leef Parks will walk you through which video lighting gear will be the best fit for you.



All of the lights featured in our video can be purchased from Amazon here.

Our customers at EditMate are often producing videos with employee interviews, testimonials, and messages that have been filmed with a phone or webcam.

We always tell them that a simple way to dramatically improve the quality of your video is by using some basic lighting gear.

So, we put together this list of lights that are affordable, easy to use, and even easier to purchase on Amazon.

These are the 3 easy video lights we recommend:

Ring Light

Ring lights are a perfect accessory if you’re on a Zoom call or filming yourself with your laptop or phone.

A ring light will light up your face evenly, providing a super-flattering look that will make you appear even more stunning than you already are.

ring light


Portable Light

Portable lights are small but powerful.

They can fit in your pocket but give you access to lots of bright light if you’re on the go.

They’re easy to connect to your phone and can also be propped up/attached to any other object, making this a solid lighting solution for whatever environment you’re in.

portable lightt



Panel Lights

Panel lights will give you the most wattage for your buck, and can dim and change light temperature to best match your environment.

These are useful if you want to get creative with your lighting set-up or light 2 people while filming an interview.

panel lights


We hope you now feel well-equipped to get in front of the camera or glow during your next Zoom call!

You can purchase each light mentioned here on Amazon.

Good luck filming!


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