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How to Look Good on Video

how to look good on video

We’ve teamed up with Film Director Leef Parks to talk about a subject we all want to know: how to look good on video. Whether you’re creating a Year in Review Video, giving guidance for an Employee Spotlight, or planning to shoot a video interview with a customer, here are our best tips and tricks about how to look good on video… 


1. Consider The Brand

Who’s your target audience? You need to understand who you hope to speak with before you know how to appear and act on camera.

For example, you likely don’t want to be buttoned up in a suit and tie if you’re speaking to 18-24-year-olds.

Use your target demographic and brand considerations to inform your wardrobe and demeanor choices going forward.

2. Choose Clothing Carefully

Sure, you want to dress like yourself, but don’t go too zany with your clothing choices—solid colors are a far better choice than crazy patterns.

The reason? “Loud” shirts can be distracting to any audience, young or old.

Additionally, avoid the walking billboard look by steering clear of shirts with huge, colorful logos.

And don’t forget to break out the iron prior to filming… wrinkles show up even worse on camera so smooth those out before you make your big debut. 

3. Bring the Energy

Believe it or not, the energy you bring to the camera is a huge factor when it comes to how you look on video.

If you’re not energetic, how will your audience buy into your message?

They won’t.

And the funny thing about the camera is it can make people who seem acceptably energetic in real-life come off as uninspired on video. To combat this, try to be the “biggest,” brightest version of yourself you can be.

Don’t change who you are, but accentuate the upbeat aspects of your personality as you film.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

It may seem counterintuitive to stare at a piece of equipment, but be sure to maintain eye contact with the camera.

It may help to imagine the camera as a friend or family member to that you’re directly speaking to.

Don’t let your eyes roam around the room!

5. Keep the Camera Elevated

Regardless of your height, you’ll want to position the camera lens slightly above your eye line as opposed to dead even.

This type of shot will avoid a double chin and emphasize your eyes. It’s a winning angle for anyone, all around.

6. Watch Your Lighting

It’s critical to fuss over lighting. Bad shadows can ruin a shoot no matter how much else you get right.

Firstly, ensure you aren’t directly beneath any unnatural lighting.

Secondly, check for any unflattering shadows on your face and adjust both your location and the cameras as necessary.

And if you’re placing your own lights, ensure they are slightly in front of the camera and a bit above the eye line.


how to look good on camera

7. Pick Backgrounds Carefully

Make sure your backdrop is pleasant and not too distracting.

If you’re using an artificial backdrop, make sure it’s a solid, “cool” or neutral color like gray or blue.

Brighter colors (red, for instance) can reflect color, disturbing the way the camera registers your skin tone.

Avoid shooting in front of a window too because “backlighting” will ruin your shot and if the sun is moving around it can ruin the consistency of the shot during the edit. 

8. Keep Water At Hand

Finally, one last tip: avoid dry lips and nervous coughs by keeping yourself hydrated between takes!

You’ll feel better and so will your viewers.


Conclusion: How to Look Good on Video

We hope these tips have helped you gain a better understanding of how to look good on video.

To watch these tips in action, watch these nominee videos EditMate created for BostInno and DCInno’s Coolest Company Competitions. See if you can count how many of our tips the on-camera talent followed:




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