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3 Types of Videos Your Brand Needs

3 videos types

1. The Explainer Video


Ah, the explainer video.

The most obvious but the most important.

This is the video that explains what your business is all about…. in 2.5 minutes or less.

It’s perfect for your homepage, as an anchor on your social channels but also for cold emails to prospective customers, investors, journalists and employees.

Including video in your email marketing campaigns and subject lines can increase open rates by 19% and click-through-rates by 200-300%.

Anywhere you put it, your audience is way more likely to watch a quick video then read paragraphs of text, so tell them what they need to know about your business with The Explainer Video.

Explainer Video Example:


Using unscripted amateur footage of their founder explaining her brand’s story, Victornee’s founder used EditMate to craft an authentic brand story. Our Editor added in product and website b-roll to cut a video that compelled viewers to contribute to their kickstarter campaign or sign up for the pre-sale.


– Use your phone to shoot a mobile video explaining why your business exists and who it serves

– Include b-roll of your products or service

– Provide text of short testimonials from happy customers

– End with a call to action that invites your audience to learn more

2. The Personal Video


Now you don’t need to bare your heart and soul but a Personal Video can be powerful.


Because it lets your audience understand your business through it’s most interesting asset: it’s people.

The Personal Video gives a glimpse of the real people behind the brand.

Whether it’s a video of the Founder explaining their “Why”, a behind-the-scenes look that shows off your talented team or an upbeat culture video that shares why it’s great to work at your company… it allows your real community act as an advocate for your brand.

The Personal Video doesn’t aim to sell anything.

It aims to build a genuine, human connection with your brand.


Personal Video Example:


Adobe and The Campus Agency used EditMate to collect mobile footage from Adobe’s student ambassadors during their trip to San Francisco where they got to explore the city and visit Adobe’s head office. An EditMate editor cut the raw mobile footage into a short, upbeat video that showed off how Adobe creates amazing experiences and opportunities for their student ambassadors.


Shoot a mobile video that provides a sneak peek of an interesting project your team is working on.

Include b-roll of your location, what you’re doing and show off the personalities of the people on your team with raw, candid footage.

3. The Educational Video


With The Educational Video, you’ll be teaching your customers or your internal team something. It can be a detailed tutorial video, a quick tip or even a clever life-hack.

Whatever it is, this informative video will help build trust between you and your audience.

You’re providing them something useful and positioning your brand as a resource that they can keep coming back to.

Not only is this type of video great for continuing to build a relationship with your current audience but it’s also effective for bringing new people into your brand’s orbit.

Did you know that YouTube is now 2nd largest search engine? New people can get acquainted with your brand when your video is answering a question they’re researching.

Simply choose a topic related to your business, pick a subject people are curious about within that and then create a video that provides help and answers.

Educational Video Example:


In the spirit of October’s Mental Health Month, nib wanted to share how their employees located across multiple countries take the time to care for their own mental health. Using EditMate, each employee uploaded a mobile video sharing how they make sure to take care of themselves.  This video was effective for not only providing their employees with mental health tips, but also because it showcased how nib emphasizes and values their employees’ work/life balance.



Here are 2 different ways:

A. Shoot a mobile video that answers a question directly related to your business. Something like, how to use a new feature in your product or 2 things your customers can do/create using your product/service.

B. Shoot a mobile video that answers a question that your target market is probably wondering about. For example, if your target market is women ages 25-32 living in a major city, what do you think they’re searching for on YouTube?  If your brand is related to business or finance, you can teach them how to ask for a raise. If your brand is related to travel (or clothing) you can teach them how to pack for a week-long trip with only a carry-on.

Your brand needs these 3 types of videos to engage, entertain and educate your audience.

You can share these videos on YouTube, on your blog and cut teaser versions to post on your social channels to drive even more traffic to your website.

Creating a connection with your audience will position your brand as a friendly, accessible resource.

Keep creating video content like this and your brand will become a trusted advisor. 🙂


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