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Marketer Monthly: June 2020

MM June 2020

This month, we took a break from writing our normal blogs and emails and paused our social media posts.

While an important movement was happening, we didn’t want to fill your screens with our marketing content.

There were more important things for you to be reading about.

Instead, we spent that time listening and taking action in support of the revolution that’s happening here in the USA.

George Floyd was murdered by a police officer whose job it was to serve and protect. And Mr. Floyd was only one recent victim in a long history of police brutality and systemic racism in America.

As a company that originally launched on the other side of the world, we know that many of the people who read our blog don’t live in America. But the violence and oppression Black Americans continue to face is a human rights issue that all humans should be outraged by.

As a team, we took time this month to protest, write letters, email politicians, donate money, support Black-owned businesses, and to learn more about the deeply embedded racism that continues to permeate the United States and its people.

While we plan to share our standard video and marketing content again in July, for June’s Marketer Monthly we wanted to share 1 video that we found particularly impactful.

This video by Jon Kripphane brilliantly uses the power of video editing to illustrate the Black Lives Matter movement and amplify an important message: 

We hope you watch it and take whatever action you can to keep this movement alive and bring about the changes Black Americans deserve.

We know we will.


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P.S. 8 Ways to Take Action, Wherever You Are in The World

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