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How to Make Better Event Videos

Event Recaps

We’re fresh off a full week of creating social videos for HUBweek, a “festival for the future”.

Over 7 days, HUBweek brought together hundreds of events, installations, and conversations on art, science, health, and technology all over Boston, with the main HUB in City Hall Plaza.

HUBweek partnered with us to create daily recap videos to share across their social channels.

Each night around midnight, the marketing team at HUBweek would start a project on the Dashboard, upload footage and click the “Request an Editor” button.

With our global network of Editors located across multiple time zones, their project would be assigned to an Editor in Australia or New Zealand and by the following morning in Boston… an edited recap video would be uploaded in their project, ready to share.


Everyone already knows why the classic post-event video is important: they let your customers sell next year’s event, they’re perfect for showcasing your sponsors, they re-engage your attendees post-event and they make for great marketing material for future events.


But when you have an event running multiple days (like HUBweek), creating almost-real-time daily recaps are effective in even more ways:


1. For boosting attendance by leveraging your followers FOMO

Sharing a video of cool stuff that happened last year is way less powerful that sharing what happened yesterday.

The immediacy of daily recaps will boost registration because letting the audience see what they missed out on yesterday will compel them to buy a ticket for today.


2. Expanding your reach by tapping into your attendee’s network

With daily recaps, you’re providing engaging videos that your attendees can share without having to create their own content.

They can easily share their event experience with their followers (and everyone at their office) and show them almost immediately what they’re seeing and learning with your almost-real-time video.


3. Increasing the ROI of your speakers

Make it easy for your speakers to promote their involvement in your event by featuring them in your Daily Recaps.

Their audience is likely way larger than yours and they will be thrilled to share a cool video that shows them on stage doing their thing, while it’s still relevant. They’ll be promoting themselves and your event to your exact target market.




Daily recaps can make you stand out as an event organizer: not only do they provide an added value to your attendees and speakers (free videos that are easy to share!)…. but they also work to market your live event by engaging your followers AND your attendees/speakers followers, while registration is still open.

Curious about creating Daily Recaps for your next event?

CONTACT US to learn how we can make it happen.

P.S. Want to see the Day 4, 5, 6 and 7 Recaps from HUBweek? See the HUBweek Album on our Video Channel HERE.

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