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What is Community Marketing?


While most marketing strategies have the goal of attaining customers, community marketing focuses on existing customers. Community marketing accomplishes the tasks of treating customers like people of value, rather than just numbers on a revenue sheet.


Benefits of Community Marketing

An obvious benefit for businesses is that it increases customer loyalty.

It increases customer retention through ongoing engagement.

Additionally, since prospective customers also expect an authentic human connection with both the brand and the brand’s community, community marketing can also result in successfully bringing in new business.


Because this type of marketing has the profound effect of humanizing a brand while also providing social proof.


Community Marketing and Video

An easy way to incorporate it into your next video campaign is to crowdsource and share videos from your customers, employees, brand ambassadors, or fans.

This is a low-lift, high reward method of creating video content.

The video topics can be around:

  • an upcoming holiday or event
  • a contest for a giveaway
  • profiling a customer or employee
  • getting feedback about your product or service
  • showcasing how your product/service is used by your real customers

A campaign like this is essentially a 2-way conversation that builds the relationship between your brand and your community.


Why Community Marketing Video Campaigns Are Easy and Effective

Community marketing is about connecting and engaging with the goal of building long-term relationships.

And there’s no easier way to do that these days than with video.

Video is a powerful medium for enabling communication. Used correctly, it can ensure your customers or potential customers feel heard, recognized, and important.

A video marketing campaign that shows off your real customers, employees, brand ambassadors, or fans works like word of mouth marketing, but at scale.

With EditMate‘s tools and services, it’s easy to collect video footage then transform it into on-brand content that’s ready to share.


In Conclusion

Solidify customer loyalty while also reaching new prospects by creating community marketing video content.

It’s a marketing strategy with exponential benefits.

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