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How to Optimize Videos for YouTube

YouTube Rectangle

YouTube is the OG for watching videos online.

In 2018, it remains King with more than one billion users. Plus, it recently amped up it’s features where it counts most: the mobile app. The redesign brought a cleaner look, adjustable viewer and the ability to watch videos in portrait mode.

Since YouTube is also used as a search engine nowadays (especially for the younger generations) it’s best to keep your entire video library on this channel — neatly organized in playlists — to maximize your chance of exposure.

But how do you optimize your videos so they will have the highest impact on the YouTube platform? Read on to find out.


  • 60% of videos on YouTube are watched on mobile devices and the sharing rate is also higher on mobile devices, so design your videos accordingly (i.e. easily readable graphics and captions).


  • Most viral videos on YouTube are nearly 10x longer than most viral videos on Facebook so don’t be afraid to post longer pieces


  • Experts advise that you spend as much time you spend creating the video on devising your headline. On YouTube, it’s the most important piece of information in your entire video.


  • Custom thumbnails with a consistent style will help you create a memorable brand that your target audience can easily identify (see examples below!). But remember: to get custom thumbnails for your videos, your account needs to be verified. How can you quickly and easily create good-looking thumbnails? We recommend Canva.

CUSTOM THUMBNAIL and HEADLINE examples from YouTube vlogger Evelyn from the Internets (one of our fave vloggers).

CUSTOM THUMBNAIL and HEADLINE examples from YouTube Channel Backlinko (a helpful resource for SEO and link building tips).

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And once you optimize your video, make sure to create the perfect YouTube thumbnail image by reading this post from our friends at PixeliedWhat’s the Ideal YouTube Thumbnail Size? [With Tips & Templates]

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