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2023 Recap

2023 recap editmate

2023! What a year.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster if we’re going to be honest with you: a journey that went by way too fast, with moments that made us feel both excited and nauseated at the same time.

But, we suppose that’s a sign of a thoroughly lived life or business: it’s full of ALL the experiences.

So to close out the year, we’re recapping our Top 4 Favorite Experiences of 2023:


Partnering with KFC Ventures

After 7 years of bootstrapping our business, we were thrilled to take EditMate to a whole new level by partnering with KFC Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Nityo Infotech.

The investment has allowed us to grow our team, expand our client base, and help more businesses amplify their employer brand through authentic video.

As a KFC Ventures portfolio company, we’re now equipped with the capital and ecosystem of support to position EditMate for rapid acceleration and scale-up next year.

You can read more info about it here.

We haven’t talked much about this new partnership yet, but looking forward to sharing more in 2024!


Growing Our Team

Growing our business has meant growing our team and our first key hire was Lou Bridda, our new Head of Revenue.

Lou joined us in July and has been a great addition, helping us revamp our sales machine and bring on exciting new clients.

You can connect with Lou on LinkedIn and check out the rest of our growing team here.


Live Events

hr tech 2023

We’ve always enjoyed taking EditMate offline and into the world at live events…

For Instagram evidence, click through to see us at AdTech ANZ in Sydney, Australia and Crowdsourcing Week in Washington, DC.

This year, we loved repping EditMate at HRTech in Las Vegas and SHRM Inclusion in Savannah, Georgia.

Check out what we learned at both:

Top 8 Things We Learned at SHRM Inclusion

Top 3 Things We Learned at HR Tech


Producing our Video Basics Series

video basics editmate

Last year we debuted our video series with Film Director Leef Parks and were psyched to continue it in 2023.

This year we created more long-form content, producing useful episodes our clients can share with their teams all about video production basics and how to capture great videos with your phone.

We covered topics like 10 Types of Camera Angles,  How to Film a Day in the Life Video, and more

Watch ’em all here and subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch new episodes in 2024.


In conclusion, it’s been an exciting year for us at EditMate…

And we’re so grateful to folks like YOU who have allowed it to happen — giving us the opportunities us to keep creating, working, and growing over the past 8 years.

Whether you’re a longtime customer, a brand new client, a blog reader, an email subscriber, a LinkedIn newsletter follower (also a new experience for us in 2023!), or a friend, we’re so appreciative of the fact that your support has kept us in business and enabled us to continue to work with our team and serve brands all over the world.

Thank you for everything. We truly appreciate you.

We hope you have a healthy & happy holiday season and a wonderful start to 2024.


Your friends at EditMate,

Rachel & Scott


P.S. See our previous Annual Recaps here:  2022, 2021202020182017 and 2016

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