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2017 Recap: EditMate’s Top 10 Favorite Projects

2017 Recap

2017 was EditMate’s 2nd year in business.

We spent time in both hemispheres gaining new clients in both New Zealand and the USA, surpassed our 300th video mark (!) and kept our heads down working quietly but feverishly on our New Platform.

While organizing and planning for 2018 we looked back on the businesses and organizations (both big and small) we were lucky enough to work with this year so we thought we would share our Top 10 Favorite Video Projects of 2017.

We hope this Top 10 List can serve as inspiration for your video strategy in 2018!


New Zealand’s largest company, Fonterra, is responsible for 30% of the world’s dairy exports. Always operating ahead of the game, they created an internal initiative called Disrupt: a 12-week accelerator program where select employees work in teams on their own innovative ideas for the opportunity to be funded into a fully fledged business.

Fonterra wanted to showcase each team’s journey with a video series they could share both internally and on social media. Since the teams were located all over Australasia (Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka), Fonterra used EditMate to collect mobile footage from each team rather than send out a full film crew to each country.

Using the EditMate App, the teams uploaded footage sharing their business idea, highlighting their team members and detailing their progress. We loved editing the footage from team “Reach The Unreached” and their video clips shot in remote areas of Sri Lanka.


Victornee is a brand new kids clothing brand that will be launching in 2018. Founder Silvia Correia-Thomas sent us video footage where she explained her businesses journey: from the spark of her initial idea to the details of manufacturing her product.

Using photos from the Victornee website as b-roll, we crafted a clear, cohesive “About” video that illustrates her product and the more personal brand story. This video will be featured on the home page of her website and we also cut shorter teaser versions for her to share on social media once Victornee launches later this year.

It was cool to work with such a young company (and a true family business!) to help communicate their brand story at the very start of it all.



Creative New Zealand is the national arts development agency of the New Zealand government. They invest in artists and arts organizations, offering capability building programmes and developing markets and audiences for New Zealand arts domestically and internationally.

They started a project with us to highlight the talented New Zealand artists heading to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform at the largest arts festival in the world, the Festival Fringe.

Utilizing EditMate’s concept of crowdsourcing mobile footage, each performer uploaded creative videos introducing themselves and showing their excitement about the festival. Incorporating existing photos and videos, we cut together a video series that promotes the full event, individual venues and showcases the Kiwi artists.

We loved creating a delightful video series (from raw mobile footage!) that features true artists and shows off emerging talent.


Spaceships (a campervan rental company in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK) needed to create a fresh, new video from old footage. They wanted to repurpose a video of their Dream Sleeper Mini to share with overseas markets and travel agencies to reach a new segment of the market that are more interested in “glamping” than “backpacking”.

We re-cut their existing video to create a whole new vibe, adding new music and vivid color correction.

We had a lot of fun working on this project, as campervanning is one of our fave activities and pre-EditMate, Rachel drove all over NZ in a Spaceship!


Nib provides health and medical insurance to over 1 million Australian and New Zealand residents. We did a few user-generated video campaigns with them in 2016 (check out Paul Harragon’s Roadshow Video and their video with the Newcastle Knights) and were psyched when their Marketing Team started a project for a new tutorial video that shows how to file a claim using the nib App.

Their Marketing Campaign Manager uploaded simple iPhone footage and we added text graphics, animations, and a voiceover to create an easy to understand tutorial that’s aimed at the younger generation of private health insurance customers.

It was awesome for us to see a Marketing Team at a major Australian brand embrace EditMate’s tools and create a helpful video resource for their customers.


This year EditMate’s role in Streetwise Media’s (the parent company of BostInno) Coolest Company competition expanded! We partnered with them to create videos for the nominees in Boston, Chicago and Washington DC.

One of our favorite videos for DCInno’s competition was from the very hot start-up, Framebridge.

We’ve followed Framebridge’s trajectory since 2015 so we loved editing the mobile footage uploaded by their Digital Marketing Manager and their Director of Product.


T&G Global is a 120-year-old produce company with offices in 12 countries and growers around the world. After they did a full re-brand of their product the Jazz Apple, they needed to refresh an existing video asset to match their new, modern look.

We did a comprehensive re-cut of their video, adding in new music, graphics, logos, color correction and even connected them to a local videographer to get some brand new drone shots of their re-branded trucks in action.

This project exemplified how often there is no need to plan and produce a whole new video because smart editing can give old footage an entirely new look and feel.



Veru Healthcare worked with an agency to write and produce a brilliantly funny video that introduces their product, The Female Condom. Wanting to leverage that video campaign as much possible, they used EditMate to re-purpose the footage to create new teasers, specifically formatted for sharing on social media.

We cut clips into short, square videos with a 1:1 aspect ratio so they will take up more of the screen when sharing on Instagram and Facebook (learn more about best formats for sharing videos on social media HERE). We also added new call-to-actions to drive traffic to their website and boost their campaign’s ROI even further.

We genuinely thought this video was so clever and fantastic (and the actress in it is actually the copywriter who wrote it!) so we were thrilled to help Veru Healthcare get their message out on social media.



Bauer Media Group is a European-based media company, that manages a portfolio of more than 600 magazines, over 400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations around the world. Their Media Collective drives advertiser content creation across Bauer audiences, brands and platforms.

They needed to illustrate their expertise at creating food-related content and used EditMate to cut an engaging sizzle reel to share a pitch meeting. They sent us all of their relevant video and print campaign assets and we edited an engaging that showed how the Bauer Media Collective brings food content to life.

Sizzle reels are always fun projects for editors — especially when they’re full of beautiful shots of mouth-watering baked goods. 😉



The International Travel College of New Zealand is an award-winning, premium provider of training courses for the airline, aviation, travel and tourism industries. Their Marketing Team has been using EditMate since we first launched to collect mobile footage from their community as well as re-purpose old video content.

They’ve worked with us to create everything from event recaps to Facebook Ads to videos with French subtitles. Their mobile uploads are always full of adventurous activities (like shots of bungee jumping and parasailing!) and the smiling faces of their students and staff. Every month we create fresh, new ITC videos and every project is always a fave for our editors!


Well, that’s a wrap on 2017!

Our team loved editing the creative, authentic footage uploaded by our clients and their communities. We love that our job enables anyone around the world to get in on the creative side of producing videos. 🙂

We can’t wait to see what’s in-store for 2018.

Cheers to another year of learning, traveling, uploading and video editing!

Your mates at EditMate,

Rachel + Scott

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