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Employer Brand Video


An employer brand is essentially what an organization communicates as its identity to both potential and current employees. It encompasses a business or organization’s mission, values, and culture. A great employer brand communicates and illustrates that the organization is a good employer and a great place to work. Today, we’re sharing why employer brand videos are an integral tool for humanizing an organization and attracting talent.


Employer brand affects recruitment of new employees, retention and engagement of current employees, and the general perception of the organization in the market.

And while still a relatively new concept, the importance of an employer brand has rapidly increased with the Covid-19 pandemic and The Great Resignation.

With remote and hybrid work models becoming the norm, perks like free coffee and pinball machines are no longer a priority for job seekers. Organizations now need to be more creative with how they communicate their employer-value proposition and illustrate what the employee experience is really like at their company.

Because of this, video has become an important part of every company’s Employer Brand strategy.


Employer Brand Videos

Creating Employer Brand Videos is an excellent way to humanize a business.

They’re great content for sharing on job descriptions, LinkedIn posts, and your website’s career page. Videos make it easy for your viewers to easily absorb information and connect with your brand.

Producing these videos using employee-generated video (videos featuring and filmed by real employees) is an incredibly effective way to create engaging content that captures and keeps the attention of potential job candidates.

Employee-generated videos are quicker and more cost-effective to create than hiring an agency. Plus, they engage your real employees and communicate your company’s values in an authentic way.

Whether you work for a small business, non-profit, or corporation, Employer Brand Videos can help you attract the best talent to work at your company while also keeping your current employees feeling valued and connected.


Employer Brand Video Examples

At EditMate, we help employer brand, employee communication, and talent acquisition teams produce employer brand videos with employee-generated videos.

Some favorites that we’ve seen include:

For inspiration for your next Employer Brand Video, here are examples from our customers:

Fletcher Living‘s video showcases an employee, their role and also acts as a piece of content that can help to recruit more females into operational roles for Fletcher Living’s wider Inclusion and Diversity strategy. 


Beca‘s video showcases members of the Australian Defence & National Security Team. It humanizes their organization and gives potential job candidates a glimpse of what it’s like to start a new job at Beca.


Beca‘s video spotlights members of their Airports team while also allowing them to provide candid advice to people thinking about joining the Beca team. 


Want to learn how EditMate can help your team create employer brand videos? Contact Us!


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