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EditMate’s Top 8 Favorite Projects of 2018

2018 Recap

2018 was a fun year for us at EditMate.

We released our new software, worked on projects with clients in both hemispheres, expanded our Editor network and made new friends in the Boston tech ecosystem.

We were thrilled to see how businesses got creative this year, using EditMate in a multitude of ways to produce videos with their real communities.

So here is a list of our Top 8 Favorite Projects of 2018!

Rather than sharing this list at the end of December when everyone is slowly easing into Holiday mode and sugar cookie comas, we’d thought we share it at the start of the new year — so it can serve as fresh inspiration (and motivation!) for your 2019 video marketing strategies.

To help with that, for each project we’ve broken down how the videos were created and what they were used for.

We hope each example will serve as a spark of inspiration for what you can create for your brand. 🙂


HelloFresh works with heaps of influencers that create videos showing off how they use the HelloFresh service. These influencers share it on their own Instagram and YouTube channels, which is an excellent way for HelloFresh to expand their reach… but HF wanted to repurpose the content and create new videos for their brand-owned channels and digital ads.

Their influencer agency Hoozu is signed up to a custom EditMate plan and each month start numerous projects, uploading the latest footage from influencers.

Our Editors re-cut the footage, adding royalty-free music and logos to create vertical videos perfectly formatted for ads within InstaStories and Facebook Stories. Creating these videos is a great way for HelloFresh to maximize their ROI of working with influencers and ensures they consistently have fresh new content to share.


Adobe and The Campus Agency used EditMate to collect mobile footage from the Student Ambassadors that they sent on a trip to San Francisco to explore the city and visit the Adobe office. Their students had an amazing time and did a fab job documenting their experience with mobile video.

Our Editors cut their footage into a grand recap video that Adobe and The Campus Agency share to show off their Ambassador program and connect with younger creatives via social media. They also used EditMate to cut an additional Instagram ad that The Campus Agency used to recruit student ambassadors for next years program.


Bauer Media Collective worked with HP to help their brand align with New Zealand movers and shakers across a number of creative industries. They created a video and print content series with three New Zealand duos – Material Creative, SACHI and Harman Grubiša – and followed them over several months as they reinvented not only their businesses but their industry through technology.

Bauer Media had a ton of great video content from the campaign and worked with EditMate to create a high-energy recap that helps them easily show off their work at pitch meetings.


The International Travel College of New Zealand is signed up to a custom plan so each month they create 1 video with 60-second, 30-second and 15-second cuts.

In February 2018, their International Marketing Manager filmed a question and answer session around the ITC campus with one of their Vietnamese students. Our Editor added in b-roll and graphics and cut multiple versions of the video, in both English and Vietnamese.

ITC used this video to advertise to the young Vietnamese demographic with Facebook Ads, so they can learn what it’s like to live and study in Auckland, as an international student at ITC.



nib Health Insurance wanted to create an internal comms video featuring their real staff for Mental Health Month in October.

With offices across Australia, the UK and New Zealand, their staff used mobile phones to shoot and upload videos sharing how each of them takes time to take care of their mental health.

An Editor cut the footage together with music and graphics to create an authentic, informative video that was perfect for sharing across nib’s internal channels to provide helpful mental health tips to their employees. We also cut an additional version for posting on LinkedIn, which was a great way for nib to share their company culture and values.


After meeting the nice folks of BUILD Boston at an event at District Hall, we were psyched to partner with them. Their organization is doing important work both in Boston and nationwide with a mission we can really get behind: using entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from under-resourced communities and propel them to high school, college & career success.

One of their first projects with us was creating an intro video for their big event, The Entrepreneur Games in October. They would have over 1,000 people from Boston’s hottest tech companies (Amazon Robotics, HubSpot and Wayfair to name a few) in the audience of their fundraising event and wanted a great video to kick it all off.

They enlisted the help of 3 of the students in their program to film the video. Our Editor cut together the mobile footage with music and graphics to create a fun intro video that got big laughs and featured the real students that benefit from the BUILD program. See our recap of the Entrepreneur Games, here too.


Grit ‘N Wit runs awesome obstacle course events (complete with mental puzzles and physical challenges) all over the US and they use EditMate to create videos for all of them! In 2018, we edited 117 videos for Grit ‘N Wit.

For each event, we cut a promotional hype video that they provide to their clients (usually universities, corporations, and nonprofits) to spread the word and get people registered to attend. During the event, Grit ‘N Wit staff, volunteers and participants shoot and upload mobile footage and from that, we create a high-energy one-minute highlight video. The Grit ‘N Wit team send it to their clients after as a recap and also use the videos for their own marketing objectives.

They utilize EditMate perfectly: creating a high volume of social videos with mobile footage shot by their brand’s real community. Here’s one of their highlight videos from an event at Bridgewater State University and to see more check out their Case Study here.


nib’s Borneo coast to coast trek video has everything we love: user-generated mobile video, great causes, and exotic locations.

Their team completed an incredible trek through Borneo, raised over $350K for brain cancer AND documented their whole adventure with video.

With all of the footage they collected, we created 4 different pieces of video content for them (including longer-form videos that featured personal recaps from team members) for sharing both internally and on social media. It was the perfect way to share their adventure with the members of their own company, their customers and their corporate community online to show off their company culture and values.


We hope this list gets your creative wheels turning and your own marketing team thinking about producing authentic videos with your real communities, in 2019.

We also want to thank ALL of our clients for working with us! We love getting creative with your marketing teams, hearing your feedback on our software and being able to collaborate with such a wide range of cool businesses, all over the world.

Cheers to another year of learning, traveling, uploading and video editing! 🙂

Your mates at EditMate,
Rachel + Scott



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