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Top 6 Video Production Tutorials

video production tutorials

If “make videos” is on your to-do list for 2024, you may be feeling a little bit hesitant, overwhelmed, or intimidated…

We get it!

Many things make creating videos feel challenging:
– ​the camera gear
– ​the jargon
– ​​​the highly technical video editing systems

Not to mention that it’s kinda uncomfortable to see your face on camera!​

At EditMate, our streamlined system makes video production simple (and includes built-in creative services, like professional video editing!)​ BUT we know there are still things our clients want to wrap their heads around before they kick off a video project.

And of course, we believe watching a video is the best way to learn about video. ​

So, to get you feeling more prepared, here’s a roundup of our Top 6 Video Production Tutorials.

We hope these help you feel LESS hesitant, overwhelmed, and intimidated and MORE eager, prepared, and excited to create videos.


The Ultimate Guide to Phone Video




How to Look Good on Video




How to Film a Video Interview




10 Types of Camera Angles



How to Record Audio for a Video with a Phone




What Does FPS Mean?


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