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EditMate as a Corporate Video Solution


Over the years, EditMate has evolved into a corporate video solution. While we’ve helped nearly every kind of business, brand, and organization create video, there are 2 major video production issues we’ve been able to help corporates solve. Keep reading to learn what they are and how we can help.


The corporate video industry is one with massive tailwinds…

In 2022 and beyond, video communication is expected to grow exponentially in every sector.

The enterprise video market was valued at USD $16.2B in 2019. It’s expected to reach $48.3B by 2025.

And 88% of Enterprises expect video content output to increase in 2022 to meet company-wide demand.

This is in addition to government institutions, small businesses, nonprofits, and other kinds of organizations (like schools and recreational sports) increasingly relying on video as a critical function.



EditMate’s Experience in Corporate Video

As a B2B software and service in the video space, the numbers above reflect what EditMate has seen first hand…

Since EditMate first launched in 2016, we’ve seen the use cases for video continue to expand.

Back then, we predicted video would grow as a sales and marketing tool, but we’ve since witnessed our clients utilize EditMate to create videos for:

  • internal communications
  • employee engagement
  • shareholder communication
  • fundraising
  • human resources
  • talent attraction
  • recruiting
  • on-boarding
  • training

And of course, COVID and remote-first work environments have also driven heavy use of video communication.

In 2022, the benefits of video now include:

  • Improving remote workforce engagement
  • Improving their ability to train staff quickly
  • Enabling a company to sell products or services more effectively


The Barriers to Entry for Corporate Video

With video camera technology (both in laptops or phones) continuing to accelerate in both ease and quality at an incredible rate, video footage is easier than ever to capture.

But many businesses are still faced with a high barrier to entry when it comes to executing a video strategy.

So in 2022, what is holding back businesses from producing the amount of video content they now require?

2 major things: bandwidth and budget. 


1. Bandwidth

Compared to writing a blog post or sharing a photo, producing compelling video content takes more bandwidth than most businesses have available.

While DIY editing tools are abundant, no one wants to add another technical skill set and time-consuming task to their to-do list…

Employees just don’t have the bandwidth to add “Video Editor” to their job role, they already have enough on their plate.

Additionally, most businesses prefer this job to be left to a professional video editor anyway. This ensures that their videos are delivered on-brand and at the level required to represent their company effectively.


2. Budget

With the proliferation and demand of social media channels, most businesses are now expected to operate like media companies: producing and sharing more video content than ever before.

The standard price of working with a traditional post-production house or agency makes creating the amount of corporate video content now required too expensive.

And for most companies, the cost of hiring an in-house video team and building an in-house studio is out of the question.


EditMate as an end-to-end Corporate Video Solution

By using EditMate, budget and bandwidth constraints do not have to be a limiting factor to video content creation for any business.

Our video editing service makes it fast and affordable for businesses to create high-quality video content.

And our purpose-built project management tools (on the EditMate Dashboard), streamline the process from start to finish.

EditMate’s major competitive advantage is that it is an end-to-end solution: it does the full job for our customers.

And as a company, we understand the importance of preserving bandwidth and budget: EditMate has bootstrapped our development and growth from the ground up, sustainably building our business and technology with our own revenue.

As a corporate video solution, our tools and service seamlessly work together to help businesses produce videos online. From start to finish, EditMate makes our client’s jobs of creating corporate videos easier than ever.


Here is what they have to say about their experience working with EditMate:


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