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3 Tips for Businesses Celebrating Pride Month

tips for businesses celebrating pride month


Pride Month is a great time to show that your company values inclusivity, diversity, and human rights. Lots of brands use EditMate to create videos for Pride Month and over the years, we’ve noticed a few things about the best campaigns. So before you jump on the Pride content train, read our 3 Tips for Businesses Celebrating Pride Month. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to watch a Pride Month video we helped one of our customers create, too!


1. Get Employee Input First

Put together a diverse group of employees to operate as a sounding board when brainstorming your Pride campaign.

Having a team that can bring ideas to the table, review drafts, and gives honest feedback will help you create and share smart, thoughtful, and authentic content.

The more perspectives the better and having a dedicated team will help you design a campaign that honors and respects the LGBTQ+ community.



2. Share Your Own LGBTQ+ Support Initiatives

Take a look at your internal policies and figure out what you can highlight.

Does your company offer diversity training? Does your mission explicitly prioritize inclusivity? Do you offer equal benefits for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity… including time off for adoption leave, maternity/paternity leave, health benefits, and pay? Do you enforce an anti-discrimination policy?

Share your own support initiatives and how it enables your employees to thrive.

A video like this is not only perfect for sharing during Pride Month, but will also be useful for showing off your company culture, and attracting talent when hiring.

This is also a great time to do a deeper dive (with your employees from tip #1) to evaluate and figure out other ways your business can continue to improve its initiatives.



3. Support LGBTQ+ Initiatives All Year Long

June is the perfect time to create Pride content but to be a true ally, it’s important to show a strong level of support year-round.

While planning content for June, schedule additional campaigns that demonstrate support for the LGBTQ+ community later in the year too when it’s not just “on trend”.

Here’s a list of holidays later in the year that you can plan content around:

23 – Celebrate Bisexuality Day
11 – National Coming Out Day
19 – National LGBT Center Awareness Day (to recognize the work of LGBT community centers)
20 – Spirit Day (to speak out against the bullying of LGBT people)
26 – Intersex Awareness Day
23 – 29 – Asexual Awareness Week

8 – Intersex Day of Remembrance
20 – Transgender Day of Remembrance

10 – Human Rights Day



Pride Month Video Example

For their Pride Month video, nib collected employee-generated videos featuring their team members sharing tips on you can be an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community.


Keep these 3 Tips for Businesses Celebrating Pride Month in mind to create smart, thoughtful content around Pride Month this June and all year long.

Want to learn how you can use EditMate to create a video for Pride Month? Contact Us today!

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