Why Authentic Video Drives Conversion

We all know it’s true: relatable content is what sparks consumer trust and drives purchases. Scripted videos just don’t cut it anymore. Most consumers now see right through slick advertisements and celebrity endorsements.   For Gen Z in particular (those born after 1996), authenticity is everything.   According to a survey by WPEngine and the Center for … Read more

How to make Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Story Ads are an excellent place for brands to reach new audiences and experiment with ephemeral content. With Stories, users can watch a full-screen vertical video and then simply swipe up to quickly learn about a product or brand. Stories are now growing 15x faster than feed based sharing. And according to Instagram, of the … Read more

3 Types of Videos Your Brand Needs

1. The Explainer Video Ah, the explainer video. The most obvious but the most important. This is the video that explains what your business is all about…. in 2.5 minutes or less. It’s perfect for your homepage, as an anchor on your social channels but also for cold emails to prospective customers, investors, journalists, and … Read more

How to Make Better Event Videos

We’re fresh off a full week of creating social videos for HUBweek, a “festival for the future”. Over 7 days, HUBweek brought together hundreds of events, installations, and conversations on art, science, health, and technology all over Boston, with the main HUB in City Hall Plaza. HUBweek: Day 1 Recap // 16×9 from EditMate on Vimeo. … Read more

The Top 10 Reasons to Create Video Content

Why should you bother to create video content for your brand? Well, the stats speak for themselves: 1. Users digest video content 60,000 times faster than text. Plus, they hang around on sites with video for a full two minutes longer than those without. Mist Media reports that the average internet user spends 88% more time on a site … Read more

How to Shoot a Real Estate Video

If you’re a realtor, you should be utilizing the power of video. Here’s why: 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list their home with an agent who offers to create a video of their property. (via National Association of Realtors) Including video in emails doubles the click-through rate and reduces opt-outs by 75 … Read more

Video Ads Shot on a Phone: Bentley

Check out this gorgeous, short documentary for Bentley Motors… shot entirely on an iPhone 5s! Make sure to stay tuned til the 3:15 mark, where you can see behind-the-scenes footage of how they did it. The filmmakers turned a $300,000 luxury car into a production office, to show that the Mulsanne is a wildly fancy tech-hub … Read more

Movie Shot on an iPhone: Tangerine

Award winning independent film Tangerine was shot entirely with 3 iPhone 5s cameras using the FiLMIC Pro App. FiLMIC Pro allows for control over focus, aperture and color temperature along with numerous other useful tools. Director Sean Baker says: “Even with a DSLR, we would have ended up having extra crew members, and I would have had to … Read more

How to Shoot Video with a DSLR

What settings to use on a DSLR for Shooting Video If you’re using a DSLR camera for photos, you may be neglecting its video capabilities. Learn how to put your DSLR to better use and create video content for your brand! Below is a video from DSLR expert Ray Ortega that will help you sort … Read more