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POW, PUSH & PULL: Content Marketing Videos

content marketing video

A simple framework to use while brainstorming content marketing videos is to divide your potential video content into 3 categories: Pow, Push & Pull. This is also known as the Hero, Hub, and Hygiene framework — but we prefer the 3 Ps — sounds more action-packed and less related to flossing. Planning your content marketing videos using the 3 P’s framework will help you to easily outline a comprehensive video strategy that will maximize your video reach and ROI. 

To explain the framework, we’ll walk you through the 3 kinds of content marketing videos and show you video examples from one of our favorite content marketing brands out there: VRBO (an online marketplace for vacation rentals, a.k.a an alternative to Airbnb).

VRBO has brilliantly used video content to expand its reach and amplify its brand.  They’ve built a great YouTube channel and cleverly use different types of content marketing videos to attract viewers and bring new customers into their orbit.

By diving into VRBO’s content marketing videos, you can get inspiration for your own Pow, Push & Pull videos and how to plan your content marketing video strategy.

Let’s get started!

Pow Videos

Your “Pow” video is going to create the most impact.

It’s going to get people’s attention and skyrocket brand awareness because it’s highly shareable. This type of video is one that you might create once a year and probably want to invest a larger amount of money in creating and sharing.

Think of this as your “Superbowl Commercial”.

You want this video to introduce your company, brand, or product in a memorable way.


  • Explainer Video for the homepage
  • Facebook Ad that you’re gonna put some money behind
  • A video announcing a new product launch
  • Crowdfunding campaign video

You want to put thought & creativity behind this video because you want it to get as “viral” as possible, or at least shared around enough to organically reach a large audience.

POW Video Examples:

For their POW video, VRBO focused on explaining what sets them apart from AirBnb and that’s the fact that you always get the whole house when renting on VRBO. This relaxed-feeling video gives you the sense of what it feels like to check in to a VRBO, discover you have the whole place to yourself, and comfortably settle in with your family. With over 1.4 million views in less than 2 weeks, it’s safe to say that VRBO has created a highly-shareable and effective POW video.


If you watched the above video and thought “Well, that’s a beautiful video but I don’t have the budget to hire actors or a video crew to produce a video as slick looking as that….” — we hear you…

And that’s why you should watch VRBO’s other POW video:


This POW video (that VRBO created 2 years ago), uses crowdsourced phone video clips from happy customers to show the feelings of families checking into their VRBO rentals. This video is actually more exciting and reads as much more authentic than the first video, and with over 10 Million views, it was clearly an effective piece of content marketing. 


Make sure to maximize the ROI of your POW video by creating multiple versions formatted for all of your marketing channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Stories… everywhere!

If you do this, you’ll reach a larger amount of people no matter where they hang out online.


Push Videos

Your PUSH videos are the ones that you’ll be regularly pushing out to your prime target audience, like your email list, LinkedIn followers, YouTube subscribers, or internal team.

These are helpful videos your audience expects to receive and appreciates watching: they provide useful information or entertain your viewers.

Push videos are an excellent way to build brand affinity and stay top of mind:


  • Case study video featuring testimonials from real customers
  • Video series that interviews successful people in your industry
  • Recap from a recent event
  • A video that shares what your company culture is all about
  • Important company announcements


Push Video Examples

VRBO uses this PUSH video to show off one of their VRBO hosts/homes in a fun profile format. Beyond being informative (“this is one of the houses you can rent”) this video also helps to build brand affinity, giving more of a personality to the brand by showing off one of its quirky and colorful hosts. 

This content is what keeps your website, blog, or YouTube channel fresh and your audience checking in to find more. For this reason, it’s good to have a regular schedule for producing this type of video, whether it’s once a week or once a month.
Many of our customers execute their PUSH video schedule with an Annual Package of 12 projects to produce 1 new video per month.


Pull Videos

Your PULL videos are the ones that are going to pull new people into your brand’s orbit.

They should be highly searchable and ideally “evergreen”. Evergreen content is always relevant and won’t become dated… this way, it’ll keep getting found online by search engines introducing new people to your business!

YouTube has become the world’s 2nd largest search engine (it’s right behind Google and is actually favored among Gen Z) so plan your videos by asking yourself “What information can I provide that my target customer is already searching for?”

Creating videos like this will provide an answer for your target audience while introducing them to your brand by answering their question.


  • How to Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Listicle Videos
  • Tips, tricks & hacks

These are the videos you should be making most frequently.

They will grow your audience because they’re educational and provide functional value to both regular and new visitors.

Pull Video Example:

This PULL video is one of several in a video series on VRBO’s YouTube Channel that showcases family vacation spots all over the US. The strategy behind this is obvious: who wants to rent whole houses when they travel? Families. VRBO is pulling in parents who are searching for “Things to Do with Kids in (Insert Location)”, providing them with this useful video, and also introducing them to their brand and marketplace. By doing this, viewers are just a few clicks away from booking a VRBO rental for their family vacation!


An easy way to start making PULL videos is to turn your best-performing blog posts into videos.

Take all of the information you’ve included in the blog post, have someone say it on camera (or simply write a script and EditMate can get a voiceover recorded) — then we can add music, stock video, and graphics to bring it to life.

You’ll find that your video will gain you access to new audiences who prefer learning via video (rather than reading) and you’ll give your Google rankings a boost too because Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video content.

Including a video on your page drives a 157% increase in organic traffic and lowers bounce rates because people spend 2x as long on a page that has a video!

Content Marketing Videos: Final Tips

Now that you know all about POW PUSH and PULL videos, start brainstorming the topics you can cover for your company or organization.

Start with PULL videos first and you’ll find that those will spark new ideas for PUSH and POW content.

Remember to get your brand’s real community involved too: members of your team might be perfect to be the face of a tutorial for a PULL video and you have customers that can provide testimonials to create a PUSH video.

Keep the 3 P’s in mind pretty soon you’ll have a comprehensive outline for content marketing videos that will amplify your brand, connect your employees, educate your customers, and brings in new audiences from far and wide!


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