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Why Every Company Needs a Video Series (And How to Make One)

video series

A creative way to share your company’s values and help your potential customers get to know you better is through a video series. Every company has its own identity, offerings, and culture, and research has shown that customers want to understand exactly who a business is before working with or purchasing from them. 

In this article, we are going to dig into what exactly a video series for a business can look like, how it will benefit your business and even tips to help you make your own successful video series.

Consider this post your starter kit for becoming a video series expert!

What Is a Video Series?

It’s important to understand that instead of simply creating one-off, random videos, a series is several videos that all work in conjunction with a common theme to explain your business model, values, brand, or products.

A successful business video series is consistent, informative, well-made, engaging, and effective. Although it may sound like a lot of boxes to tick, making a video series isn’t as challenging as you might think and it can make a big difference in not only your communication with your target audience but also in client retention and profits. 

Video series are becoming more popular, but most companies still don’t think to create them, so it’s also a great way to set yourself apart from the competition! 


In 2022, we launched our own video series, teaching our audience about Video Basics. We teamed up with Film Director Leef Parks to be the face of our series and each video gives helpful, easily digestible tips on topics that marketing & communications teams need to know to get started creating video content for their companies & organizations. Since launching the series, traffic to our website has nearly doubled and our blog posts that feature the videos consistently rank in our Top 10 pages visited on Google analytics. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more episodes here!

Benefits of Video Series

As you have probably guessed, there are quite a few benefits for your business of creating a video series. While we know that at the end of the day increased profits and customer retention are the main goals, communication, successful advertising, and customer satisfaction through a thoughtful video series will ensure you get there!

Creating Engagement Through Expectation 

A video series differs from simply creating one video because the idea that there are several videos to be seen engages customers to keep watching and paying attention to your brand. If your first video is well received and leaves the client wanting more information, they will almost certainly watch the next video as well. 

Keeping the audience curious is a vital part of creating a successful video series, and the hope is your company will stay on their mind as they await the subsequent video and build a stronger connection with your brand. 

Increased Visibility 

Based on Google and YouTube’s algorithms, a video series will appear more frequently on a potential client’s search results than a standard one-off video. If they have already watched one video, the others will automatically be promoted to them! 

Of course, this leads to the client being more engaged with your business and ensures that they keep connected and informed of your updates consistently. 

Social Media Sites Favor Videos

If you are trying to reach as many people as possible, social media is certainly one of the best platforms for captivating an audience. You can use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a variety of others to reach your target clientele, and these sites simply love to promote videos.

You can share your full video series or teaser versions of each episode to get your viewers to click through to your website or YouTube channel to watch the full video. 

Studies show that video is the most cost-effective way to get clients interested in your brand. 


Customers Love to Be Informed

Today’s consumer is curious and most truly want to understand not only what a company has to offer, but also what its values are and that they are an authority within their field. 

By using a video series, you have the opportunity to communicate what your company is all about, your ethos, or how your products work in an easy-to-watch format. Consequently, your potential customer will feel not only informed but also excited to work with or buy from you. 


short video series

A DIY-style video series that features your real community sharing their knowledge or experience on a subject your target market is interested in makes for great “Pull” content marketing videos, that will pull new people into your brand’s orbit. 


Types of Video Series

Now that you understand what a video series is and how it can benefit your business, it’s time to learn the various types so you can decide which would best suit your company. 

  • Authoritative: One of the more popular types of video series is an authoritative series in which an expert explains a certain product or offer. These videos are easy to shoot and cost-efficient as they usually don’t require an expensive video crew. They can be filmed with a phone or laptop, and EditMate can edit them together to create a polished, on-brand video series. 
  • Brand Recall: You want customers to immediately associate your company with your product, and using a brand recall video series is a great way to ensure they remember you. In order to make a successful series using brand recall, your product should be explained in depth all while using a very specific and consistent brand aesthetic to set you apart from the competition and become synonymous with what you offer. 
  • Suspenseful: Keep the audience wanting more! While each video in a series should end with an invitation to watch out for the next installment, there are ways to increase suspense. Your videos should give small bits of information about what will be explained in the following videos. 
  • Personal: Making your videos personal is a fantastic way to keep clients engaged. Often, companies will use their employees from all levels to explain why they love working for the brand, and what they are proud to offer to the client. Another way to make it personal is with customer reviews. A video series of happy customers explaining why they love your company can be incredibly helpful when it comes to landing new clients. 
  • Informative: People love video as a medium for learning, and creating informative videos that explain something they either need to know about your product or even more in-depth lessons about the bigger picture is a great tactic. For example, if a company offers eco-friendly products, a video series about climate change will make your audience feel as though you really care and want them to care too! 

If you feel as though one of these types of video series would best suit your brand, here’s how you can get started:

How Do You Start a Video Series?

To get started on your video series, you should first decide what kind of message you want to send, the overall topic/theme you plan to cover in the series, how many videos will be in the series, when they will be released, and on what platforms. 

Of course, creating a high-quality video is important as it will ensure your potential clients see you as professional and capable, but that doesn’t mean it needs to break your budget! There are several ways to create an outstanding video series with your own employees and tools and services like EditMate

Once you have created the videos, it’s important to learn as much as you can about your target audience including which platforms they use, when they are most often online, and whether they prefer scheduled releases or surprise posts. 

A little research goes a long way in regards to deciding all of these factors, but it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, you want to be true to who you are and give your potential customers real insight into your brand, ethos, and product. 

The Bottom Line

Your company can truly benefit from a video series in so many ways! 

With everything you’ve just learned, you can get started right now on deciding exactly what you want to share with your audience, what kind of series you want to create, and begin planning the research, production, and delivery schedule of your series. 

Remember, a video series can benefit your business in numerous ways including client retention, site clicks, engagement, and sales, and more and more companies are taking advantage of this cost-efficient advertising, so make sure you get on board soon!


Need help creating your own video series? Contact Us to learn how EditMate can help!

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