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6 Advantages of Employee-Generated Video (EGV)

employee generated video advantages

Employee-generated Video (EGV) is a big deal in today’s marketing and employer branding world. It’s all about sharing real stories straight from the source – your real employees! 

Whether they’re helping out with a new marketing campaign or showing off what makes working at your company so great, EGV is a fantastic way to tell your story without spending a fortune on fancy videography.

Thanks to smartphones and software & services like EditMate, making videos has never been easier. This means you can transform your entire employee community into brand ambassadors and create more video content than ever before.

EGV has democratized video creation while offering genuine, impactful storytelling.

This democratization has fueled the rise of EGV across social media –from LinkedIn to Instagram to TikTok — where authenticity is key to standing out, especially to the new generation of job seekers. 

EGV isn’t just important in today’s business world – it’s a must-have. It’s how you connect with your audience and build trust. 

Employer branding, marketing, internal comms, and talent acquisition teams are now harnessing the power of EGV to attract top talent, foster brand loyalty, and drive results. 

So today, let’s break down the main advantages of using employee-generated video in your marketing, employer brand, internal comms, and recruitment marketing content…


What are the advantages of Employee-Generated Video?


1. Authenticity

EGV allows you to create a high volume of authentic content with your real team, with no actors or agency required.

This means you can consistently create videos and share posts that foster trust and credibility even when working with a minimal budget. 


2. Humanizing Your Company and Employer Brand

EGV showcases its team members’ authentic voices and experiences, showing viewers the real culture and values behind an employer brand.

By allowing employees to share their stories and perspectives through video, it creates a sense of connection and relatability, making the company more approachable and personable to its audience.


3. Cost-effectiveness

EGV gets you quality content on a dime, saving you loads compared to those big-budget productions.

Simply put, you can create more videos with less money.


4. Engagement

EGV just hits different.

It bridges the gap between brands and the audience, resulting in higher interaction rates.

It also amps up employees’ engagement, because they are now directly contributing to the video production process. 


5. Brand Advocacy

Happy employees can become your biggest cheerleaders and #1 brand ambassadors through EGV, spreading the word about your company far and wide and amplifying positive brand sentiment.

employee generated video

Turn employees into brand ambassadors by featuring them in your video content.


6. SEO Benefits

Any type of video does wonders for your SEO, and using EGV can seriously boost your SEO even more because it organically fits in with the usual content on social media so is more likely to be viewed and shared.

This means more eyes on your content and a major increase in important engagement metrics like views and comments.



Employee-generated video has transformed the way organizations and employer brands can communicate with their audiences.

By embracing the authenticity of employee-generated video, all companies can activate their employee community and create video content at a fraction of the cost of working with traditional production companies.

Give your company the ultimate advantage by creating employee-generated video content!


Want to try EditMate?

EditMate streamlines the employee-generated video process while handling the hard parts — video editing and strategy — for you. 

Used by companies like UNICEF, Travel + Leisure, and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, EditMate makes it easy to enhance your brand and create more video content than ever before. 

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