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3 Holiday Video Ideas

Holiday Marketing Video

The end of the year is the perfect time to take stock of what your organization has accomplished and celebrate it: milestones reached, people helped or good times had.

And of course, our favorite way to do that has always been through video.

We always create an annual recap of our favorite projects, watch 2020’s here.

So with that in mind, here are 3 Ideas for Holiday Videos that you can use to wrap up 2021:


1. Thank You Video

Whether it’s thanking your loyal customers or your hardworking team, creating a Thank You Video is an easy way to express gratitude, show off your community, and end the year with warm, fuzzy feelings.

Ask your colleagues to film short video clips saying thank you (to whoever deserves to be thanked!) and cut it together into a friendly video perfect for sending to customers or sharing on social media.


2. Annual Recap Video

What were the highlights of the year at your company?

Maybe it was:

  • new products built or clients won
  • the births of employees’ children
  • creative ways your team stayed connected while working from home
  • innovative marketing/sales/outreach initiatives your company came up with
  • goals that your team reached

Whatever it was, gather any visual assets you have from the past 12 months that illustrate these highlights. They could be photos, videos, screenshots, even zoom recordings.

Then, add a high-energy music track, and produce a fast-paced, upbeat video that recaps the year.  Include notes on custom text graphics you would like your Editor to add too, to call out specific things like numbers, percentages, or dates of important events.

3. “Cheers to a New Year” Video

Ask your community what their resolutions are for 2022 or what they’re most looking forward to in the new year.

It can range from light-hearted ideas to ambitious goals.

Then, put together a fun compilation video of the best answers to showcase your community and share it on your social channels.

End with a call to action that wishes your audience a happy new year and lots of luck in 2022.


All of these ideas will produce a shareable piece of video content that will remind your audience about your brand in a fun way and brighten the end of everyone’s year.

Take inspiration from these 3 and start planning your perfect Holiday Marketing Video today.

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