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Repurpose 1 Video into 31 pieces of Content

Make 28 videos

Maximize the ROI of any video project by learning how to repurpose your video content. We understand that producing a video is an investment of your time and budget, so here’s how to make the most of any video by learning how to repurpose it into 31 pieces of shareable content.


If your job has anything to do with marketing, you know that having your organization be present on all marketing channels can take up A LOT of time…

And while video is the most powerful medium out there, it can be tough to consistently create fresh video content for each and every channel.

That’s why it’s important to maximize your investment in any video project by repurposing it to create multiple pieces of content, formatted to suit all of your channels — both internal and external.

By doing this, you’ll reach a wider audience (no matter where they hang out online) and boost brand awareness.

Plus, remember the Rule of 7 in marketing?

Each piece of content will act as one of the “seven touches” needed to get your audience to absorb your message and take action.

So here’s how you can repurpose 1 video into 31 pieces of content:


YouTube Shorts: 3 Pieces of Content

Take note of particularly informative or interesting sections of your video and turn them into YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts are 60-second or less video clips that are displayed in the Vertical format (1080×1920).

YouTube Channels that are uploading both Shorts and longer videos are seeing better overall watch time and subscription growth, so maximize your content and your reach by creating 3 Shorts from your video.

An example of a Short that we created, from our longer Easy Video Lights Under $50 video




Tweets: 15 pieces of content

Write out the best soundbites or facts from your video as individual quotes and tweet them.

Each unique tweet will capture the attention of X users differently and with the super-fast pace of X, you can share 15 of these quote tweets for a week (3x a day Monday to Friday) to drive awareness and traffic to your video.

Be sure to include the video (or a link to it) in your post too, to drive more viewers to watch it.



Instagram Feed: 1 piece of content

Give your video a permanent place to live on your Instagram Feed.

Change the dimensions of your video so it’s square (1:1 or 1080×1080) and will take up more real estate on the Instagram feed and perfectly fit the grid on your profile.

And be sure to adjust any images and graphics so they fit inside the square, too.

Videos on your Instagram feed can now be up to 60 minutes, so just upload and share!



Instagram Reel Teaser: 2 pieces of content

Cut a 90-second or less high-energy, music-driven version of your video to act as a “preview”  or “trailer” for your full video.

Edit a vertical video (9:16, 1080×1920) with a trending music track to maximize your reach.

And of course, share it on your Stories too, to add one more piece of content and reach even more viewers. 



GIFS: 3 pieces of content

Get the viewer’s attention with a GIF.

After uploading your video to Vimeo, you can turn any 6-second clip of your video into a snappy Gif just by clicking a button. Vimeo makes it super simple, click here to learn how.

Share these GIFS across social media with links to your full video to mix up the visuals you are sharing.

video basics editmate

We love sharing gifs from our Video Tutorials to get people’s attention with a different kind of visual.

LinkedIn Carousel: 2 pieces of content

If information from your video can be turned into a “listicle” with short bits of text, make it into a LinkedIn Carousel.

We create ours using our favorite graphic design tool Canva.  Save your file as a PDF (with multiple “pages”) then click “Add a document” to upload it to your post on LinkedIn.

linkedin carousel

One of the LinkedIn Carousel’s we’ve created, to share our content in new and different ways. 



Podcast: 1 piece of content

It’s important to remember that people learn and prefer to absorb information differently.

If your video is an informative interview or an educational piece, an easy way to connect with a larger audience is to export the audio from the video and turn that audio file into a podcast.

Don’t have an official podcast yet? No worries! It’s easy to create one using SoundCloud or Spotify.

Add in a title and description of the episode and bam: you’re reaching people who prefer to learn on the go!




Text: 4 pieces of content

Tap into the value of SEO and write a text post on the same subject as your original video.

Share that text post not only on your website but also on your email list, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook to drive more traffic.

Be sure to include the original video in your post so readers can watch it directly on the webpage.

HOT TIP: If you want to boost SEO on your video even more when you upload your video to YouTube, also upload a transcript or caption file. A transcript file is a file that includes every word said in your video, and a caption file includes those words on the screen (like subtitles). They make your videos more scrapable by search bots since there’s additional text on the page and both make the video more search engine friendly.




Conclusion: Repurpose 1 video into 31 pieces of content

As you can see, you can leverage one video to generate a ton of marketing content for every channel.

Creating this much content from one video is a great way to show off your marketing prowess and creativity without blowing up your budget.

Repurposing content is an easy way to maximize ROI, boost brand awareness, reach new audiences, and spark sales.


Need help recutting videos, stripping audio, or generating transcripts? Book an EditMate Demo today to learn about our products and services, including our Video Editing Service.

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