Employer Brand Video


An employer brand is essentially what an organization communicates as its identity to both potential and current employees. It encompasses a business or organization’s mission, values, and culture. A great employer brand communicates and illustrates that the organization is a good employer and a great place to work. Today, we’re sharing why employer brand videos … Read more

How to Shoot a Video Interview


If you need a step-by-step guide on how to shoot a video interview, you’ve come to the right place. Shooting an interview video can be a straightforward and effective way to produce video content for your brand. Whether you’re capturing customer testimonials or spotlighting employees for an employer brand series — here’s a list of … Read more

What is B-Roll?


If you’re just starting out on your video journey, you may be asking yourself: what is b-roll? Today, we’ll talk about what exactly b-roll is, why it’s an important part of any video, provide tips for filming it and share helpful video examples to help illustrate what b-roll can look like.    So, What is … Read more

3 Tips for Businesses Celebrating Pride Month

tips for businesses celebrating pride month

  Pride Month is a great time to show that your company values inclusivity, diversity, and human rights. Lots of brands use EditMate to create videos for Pride Month and over the years, we’ve noticed a few things about the best campaigns. So before you jump on the Pride content train, read our 3 Tips … Read more

Top 5: May 2022

everything is going to be alright

How we feeling this month? Burnt out? Need a boost of motivation, or inspiration? Maybe just need a tiny bit of advice? Good news: our May Top 5 has got you covered…       #5. 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I had Known Unsolicited advice from a 70-year-old on everything he wished he … Read more

Best Stock Video Sites

best stock video sites

If you’re searching for the best stock video sites to find footage for your next project, look no further. The EditMate team has been creating videos for brands big and small for years, and from our own experiences scouring the web for stock footage, we’ve put together this list of the absolute best stock video … Read more

Top 5: April 2022

Here’s our Top 5 round-up of our greatest finds from April 2022. This month, we’ve included a video about the formula for viral videos, a star-studded sports marketing movie, and smart insights on outside-the-box marketing channels…   #5. Infographic: The Impact of Reddit Ads Thinking of branching out from advertising on the usual social channels? … Read more