Best Stock Video Sites

best stock video sites

If you’re searching for the best stock video sites to find footage for your next project, look no further. The EditMate team has been creating videos for brands big and small for years, and from our own experiences scouring the web for stock footage, we’ve put together this list of the absolute best stock video … Read more

Instagram Video Cheat Sheet

instagram video cheat sheet

In case you haven’t noticed, Instagram has really been leaning into video.  For businesses creating videos, this means that Instagram is an excellent place to be sharing video content. Because Instagram is now prioritizing video in their algorithm, it gives brands that are sharing videos more opportunity to grow their audience and reach. So we … Read more

How to Work with a Video Editor

Not to toot our own horn anything — but people are really into EditMate’s Video Editing Service. Here’s what a few said after wrapping up a project: | “I loooove it! No changes needed to music or content. Thanks team – as always, love ya work.” – Marketing Manager at The International Travel College of New Zealand … Read more

2019 Guide to Social Media Video Specs

Video is showing up and blowing up on every social media platform in 2019. But, it can be tricky to edit and format your videos to suit each and every channel. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide that breaks down everything you need to know to share videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Read … Read more

How to Optimize Videos for Instagram

The Instagram platform boasts 800 million monthly and 500 daily active users. And when Instagram first introduced video in June 2013… more than 5 million (!!!) were shared in the first 24 hours. Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite recently noted in Forbes how Marketers have recognized the power and potential of the Platform: “With an audience that skews young … Read more

How to Optimize Videos for Facebook

You’ve probably already noticed but Facebook has been seriously emphasizing video content lately. It’s why you’re constantly seeing videos all over your feed. And it’s is motivating marketers to produce more videos than ever. But how do you optimize your videos so they’ll reach people on Facebook as efficiently as possible? To start, it’s key to remember that … Read more

How to Optimize Videos for YouTube

YouTube is the OG for watching videos online. In 2018, it remains King with more than one billion users. Plus, it recently amped up it’s features where it counts most: the mobile app. The redesign brought a cleaner look, adjustable viewer and the ability to watch videos in portrait mode. Since YouTube is also used as a search engine … Read more

Best Practices for Social Video

Before we get started, let’s break down the relatively new term, “social video”. At EditMate, we define social video as: any digital video that is designed to be viewed and shared on social media. Distinctly different from TV Commercials, social videos are created knowing that they’ll be viewed in a social media feed, needing to fight for … Read more