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The 4 Recruitment Videos Every Company Needs

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Something interesting is happening with employment right now…

Over 4 million American workers quit their jobs in April 2021.

According to a survey from Microsoft, 41% of workers globally are considering leaving their current employer this year.

Whoa. Why is this happening?

Because of 3 things:

  • Social distancing created a sort of forced reflection period and many people have started to re-evaluate their career paths. After such an unprecedented year, some are looking for a better work-life balance. And the workers who hated their jobs last year but stuck with them during the pandemic are now looking to make a change.
  • Some lucky folks are cashing out on a booming stock market and skyrocketing home values.
  • But mostly because there are 9.3 million job openings in the US right now and with that record number of jobs available, people are learning what else is out there and thinking of leaving their current positions

So with everyone looking to see if the grass is greener, now is the time for businesses to brainstorm how they’re going to attract new talent.

In other words, it’s time to put more effort into RECRUITMENT MARKETING.

What is that, exactly?

Recruitment marketing is the earliest stage of talent acquisition.

It’s the process of attracting talented individuals to your organization with the goal of driving them to apply to open positions.

Video is a valuable tool for recruitment marketing, so today we’re going to share 4 Recruitment Videos Every Company Needs to stand out to prospective hires.

(Plus, as a bonus: all of these videos are perfect marketing materials for sharing on your website and LinkedIn, too!)



Produce a video that illustrates:

  • your company’s core purpose
  • why team members motivated to come to work every day

A mission video should detail your organization’s purpose, primary goals, and how those goals are measured.

This video should be emotional and compelling.

Viewers should walk away feeling intrigued and enthusiastic about what the company is working on.

You can get creative with different ways to produce a company mission video. Use stock video and a scripted voiceover, feature team members speaking your actual, written “mission statement” or repurpose old videos and footage and add new text graphics to communicate your mission.





Introduce prospective employees to your company by introducing them to your leadership team.

Whether you feature your founders, members of the C-Suite or managers in the specific department you’re hiring for, showcasing the faces of your leadership team is an authentic way for them to get an understanding of the company.

Have your leaders reveal their personalities by sharing:

  • who they are
  • what their personal interests are
  • what they do at the company
  • why they enjoy working there
  • what they’re excited about for the future

With the record number of job openings available for talent, it’s important to communicate your company’s culture, ethical leadership, and job stability.

Making a video like this with your real team will communicate your company culture and company vision in a friendly and approachable way.





This is the fun one that will get your viewer excited.

Show off what your company offers your employees apart from a paycheck and a 401K.

  • Volunteer days?
  • Happy hours?
  • Bring your dog to work Fridays?

Produce a video that incorporates photos and video clips from special events and everyday life around the office that illustrate the fun perks of working at your company.

Add short soundbites from real employees and create a music-driven, upbeat montage that will get the viewer jazzed about the prospect of applying.

We also recommend creating Company Culture videos in various lengths and formats (1 minute, 30 seconds, square, vertical, etc) for sharing across all of your social media channels.






There’s no better way to attract a potential hire than to introduce them to real team members with video.

Creating an Employee Spotlight video will give them a sneak peek of their colleagues and what it’s really like to work at your company.

Produce a video that highlights a specific employee and make sure to include:

  • Their background
  • Previous educational and job experience
  • What their role is at the company
  • What they get up to outside of work
  • What attracted them to the role initially and why they enjoying working at the company now


Creating one of these for at least each team or department is a great way to add a personalized, human element to the recruiting process.

Showing off your real community through video is a great way to attract the best talent to your job openings and humanize your company — especially if you work in industries like software, financial services, or healthcare.

Do you want your company to produce videos like these for your recruitment marketing efforts?

EditMate can help.

Contact us today to learn how to get started!

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