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Marketer Monthly: February 2021

MM Feb 2021

With February coming to a close, it’s been a FULL YEAR since Covid-19 hit the scene…

While some of our readers have been less affected than others (looking enviously at you, New Zealand) most of us have had to get creative in order to continue working, keep each other healthy, and stay sane.

So, this edition of Marketer Monthly has a theme: CREATIVITY.

Read on to learn how to spark it and keep it flowing…

Creativity enables you to solve problems, generate ideas and concepts, and can help you get ahead in both work and life.

People often think of themselves as either creative or not…

BUT there are actually science-based strategies that can increase your ability to come up with new and creative ideas.

Here are 3 of those strategies.

We live in a professional culture that praises being busy and multi-tasking but constant activity doesn’t actually breed creativity or strategic thinking.

What does?

Quiet solitude.

(That’s why you get your best ideas in the shower!)

George Shultz, the Secretary of State in the 1980s, knew this and that’s why he reserved one hour each week for it. His hour of solitude was the only way he could find time to think about the strategic aspects of his job, rather than getting bogged down and distracted by daily tactical issues.

Read this and then add a Shultz Hour to your week.

(For more evidence, read the #2 strategy in the article above, too)

Strategy #3 from the first article above explains how (contrary to popular belief) having constraints can facilitate creativity…

And Reddit’s Super Bowl ad is the perfect example of that.

Not only did they produce the commercial in less than a week, but by using only 5 seconds of air-time they created the most effective ad of the entire Super Bowl broadcast.

Learn more about it here.


AND IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Top 3 Ways to Create User-Generated Videos Right Now





P.S. Every Millenial vs. their boss

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