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Marketer Monthly: May 2020

MM May 2020

Hey there! How has your month been?

In between puttering around the house and getting emotionally involved with sexy new TV shows, we’ve been helping our clients keep in touch with their community through user-generated video.

We also created new video tutorials that give you a deep dive into EditMate’s software (in 2 minutes or less!).

If you’re curious, check ’em out here.

And in case you’ve run out of internet, we, of course, rounded up these links for you, too:

WFH Productivity:

15 Non-Conventional Methods

If you’re approaching the 2-month mark of working from home, you may be requiring a fresh batch of productivity methods.

Here are 15 non-conventional ones like adding virtual social pressure and drinking caffeine strategically.

How to Seize Advantage in a Downturn

After the 2008 recession, Boston Consulting Group published a study of major corporations’ performance during and after a downturn that found “companies that injudiciously slash marketing spending often find that they later must spend far more than they saved in order to recover.”

For companies big and small, rather than slashing marketing budgets it’s now more important than ever to spend smarter.

Read this to learn the 5 things marketing and sales departments need to focus on delivering right now.

UPDATED: Our At-Home Video Production Resources Guide

We’ve been getting a ton of traffic and great feedback on our At-Home Video Production Resources Guide.

So we’ve added more posts and videos to our list! It’s now got even more videos and articles that guide you through the video production process: from how to brainstorm video ideas, how to shoot with your phone, how to work with a video editor, to where to promote your videos for free.  ?



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