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Marketer Monthly: March 2021

MM March 2021

For the past 12 months, marketers have had to think outside the box.

So, for March’s Marketer Monthly — that we’re sharing on April 1st because APRIL FOOLS! Just kidding, we’re just a day late — we’re gonna talk about 3 new and creative marketing channels your business may want to explore.

Read on to learn about how you can utilize Voice Marketing, Pinterest video, and even movie theater marquees for your next campaign…



Beginners Guide to Voice Marketing

We all know about podcasts…

But what about Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Voice Assistants?

Voice Marketing is one of the hottest new trends and this guide from Later will show you how you can use it to build your brand online.



23 Pinterest Statistics That Matter to Marketers in 2021

Did you know that Pinterest gained more than 100 million monthly active users in 2020? It was the biggest increase the platform has ever seen.

While not everyone associates Pinterest with video, people watch close to one BILLION videos a day on Pinterest!

And their new Premiere ad packages are set up to bolster the targeting and reach of video campaigns.

Read more stats here (via Hootsuite) and learn if Pinterest might be a good channel for your business to explore more.



Why Glossier Used Empty Movie Theater Marquees for its Latest Campaign

In an effort to partner with and support independent cinemas (which have been obviously been struggling during the pandemic) while simultaneously furthering its marketing goals, Glossier has debuted a creative new OOH (out of home) campaign.

They’ve created a series of movie trailers that tell a short story inspired by their real-life mascara reviews, mimicking genres like rom-com and anime.

And the faux movies are promoted outside on marquees and poster boards at nine indie movie theaters in cities like NYC and LA.

Learn more about the clever campaign and how it’s fueled by user-generated content in The Morning Brew’s quick interview with Glossier’s SVP of Marketing, Ali Weiss.



AND IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Our Guide to Facebook Video Sizes in 2021





P.S. How DJ Jazzy Jeff bird watches

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