How to Use Social Media for Employer Branding

social media employer branding

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and one area it has had a major impact on is employer branding. Employer branding is the process of shaping the perception of your company among current and potential employees.  Social media has made it easier than ever before to share your company’s culture, values, and mission … Read more

The Power of Employee Advocacy in Building an Employer Brand

employee advocacy employer brand

In this post, we’ll explore the power of employee advocacy in building a strong employer brand. We’ll detail what employee advocacy is, why it’s important and guide you through a strategic plan for implementing it at your organization.    In the current job market, a strong employer brand is essential for attracting and retaining top … Read more

Why Authenticity Matters in Employer Branding

authenticity employer branding

Authenticity has been a buzzword in marketing for years, but recently it’s emerged as vital for employer branding specifically. In today’s job market, a strong employer brand has become a critical factor for companies to attract top talent. In this ultra-competitive age where organizations have to worry about quiet quitting, the long-term effects of the … Read more

What is DEIB?


Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are essential components of a positive and thriving company culture. It’s vital to create a workplace that is inclusive, supportive, and values diversity. And for HR, Employer Brand or Communications teams, it’s important to showcase how your organization actively prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in your hiring practices, … Read more

6 Ideas for International Women’s Day Videos

international womens day video ideas

Brainstorming International Women’s Day video ideas for your company? Look no further, our list of video ideas for celebrating International Women’s Day will get you inspired to create video content for your business’s social media, internal communications, and more…   International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global celebration of women’s achievements and a call for … Read more

How To Use SEO Video Marketing To Grow Your Business

seo video marketing

SEO video marketing is the practice of optimizing your video marketing content to rank highly on search engines. This can drive traffic to your website, reach prospects in places where they’re looking for help, and introduce yourself as a powerful and reliable voice in the industry.  The concept is simple; make content tailored to answer … Read more

YouTube Channel Starter Kit

If establishing or growing a YouTube Channel is on your list, this YouTube Channel Starter Kit is for you! Read on to learn a simple strategy for planning your video content that will help your business grow and connect with new customers.    A lot of customers come to EditMate with the goal of building … Read more

Why Every Company Needs a Video Series (And How to Make One)

video series

A creative way to share your company’s values and help your potential customers get to know you better is through a video series. Every company has its own identity, offerings, and culture, and research has shown that customers want to understand exactly who a business is before working with or purchasing from them.  In this article, … Read more

2023 Social Media Holiday Calendar

january 2023 social media holiday calendar

Start planning your social media content for the whole year with our 2023 Social Media Holiday Calendar. This calendar lists a wide range of holidays your business can plan all kinds of content around, including video!  Download it, bookmark it or print it to help you and your team share timely content relevant to your … Read more

2022 Recap

It’s that time of the year again! We’re wrapping up 2022 with one of our favorite traditions: our annual recap video. Here’s a 1-minute mash-up of some of our favorite projects from this year:     This year, we’re grateful for the new collaborations and partnerships we got to be a part of, opportunities to … Read more