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Top 10 Employer Brand Experts on LinkedIn

employer brand experts on linkedin

If you’re curious about employer branding, these are the top 10 employer brand experts you should follow on LinkedIn.

They regularly post high-quality, educational, and entertaining content about employer branding and other related topics like DEI, talent acquisition, content creation, recruitment marketing, and more.

Start using LinkedIn as an educational tool today by following these employer brand experts:

alexandra o'connor

Alexandra O’Connor

VP, Global Employer Brand Manager at Barclays

Alexandra’s got a keen eye for design and the social media trends employer brands should be taking note of. Plus, watching what a mega brand like Barclays is doing in their EB efforts will give you a ton of insight and inspiration, like their #ThisIsMe video campaign.

Tiffany Lee

Global Employer Brand Leader at companies like Zoom, Expedia Group & Vrbo

Tiffany’s resume alone should be enough to make you want to follow and absorb everything about employer branding that you can from her, but on top of that, her authentic and funny writing style will make you lol while scrolling LinkedIn (which let’s face it, is rare). She humanizes employer branding which all EB teams can learn from.

Brianna Doe

Creator at F* The Sunday Scaries & Podcast Host at Stop The Scroll

Brianna’s content covers “job hunting” which is the perfect way for employer branding teams to put themselves on the otherside of table and gain fresh insights on to what their audience (job seekers) are actually experiencing.

Max Siegel

Director of Trans& and Social Lead at Not A Phase

After meeting Max in-person at a marketing event years ago, he quickly became one of my favorite LinkedIn connections because of his smart and candid posts. A LinkedIn LGBTQIA+ Top Voice, he discusses topics every Employer Brand team should be paying attention to like DEI&B, neurodiversity and the real business value of inclusion.

Emily Firth

Co-Founder of TheTruthWorks, an Employer Brand and Employee Engagement Consultancy

With over 17 years in branding, employer branding and recruitment marketing, Emily regularly shares useful insights on EB and more personal, behind-the-scenes info on what it’s like to run her own business. Plus: excellent use of memes.

Sally Bolig

Direct of Talent Acquisition and Development at HopSkipDrive

With experience building employer brands from the ground up and mentoring talent acquisition teams, Sally shares smart posts that will educate and entertain you at the same time so you’ll always enjoy seeing her pop up on your feed.

Leo Labra

Global Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing at ByteDance | TikTok

If you’re hiring the next generation of talent, you should probably follow Leo on LinkedIn. 40% of Gen Z prefer to use TikTok as their go-to search engine and everyday it’s making algorithmic changes to compete with Google – so it’s quickly become an effective tool for recruitment marketing. And if you follow Leo, you’ll watch exactly how TikTok itself is creating employer brand video content.

Kadi Poll

Employer Branding Manager at Bolt

Kadi built the employer brand at Bolt from scratch as EB hire #1. She’s got a strong marketing background so she’s a great follow to learn about social media marketing but also employee advocacy and remote work (she was working from Bali!).

Alex Her

Head of Global Employer Brand at GoDaddy and Founder of the EB Space

Super active in the EB world, Alex regularly posts about helpful tools and useful content any employer brand or recruitment marketing team could learn from. #GoDaddyLifealso nails it all over social, so you can also get a glimpse of how his team does that, too.

Nicole Stephens

Senior Global Employer Brander at Catalent Pharma Solutions

Following Nicole is like getting a masterclass in posting quality thought leadership content on LinkedIn. She posts about topics like employer branding and employee engagement with a personal, storytelling style.


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