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Steal These 3 Holiday Video Ideas

Holiday Marketing Video

Let’s face it: this year has been an absolute hot dumpster fire.

Come December, we’ll probably all be thrilled to peace out of 2020…

BUT as the holiday season approaches, we hope you have at least something to celebrate.

Because the end of the year is the perfect time to take stock of what your company has accomplished and celebrate it: milestones reached, people helped or good times had.

Our favorite way to do that has always been through video (duh) but with social distancing and a lack of holiday parties being planned, this year… video may actually be the only way!

So with that in mind, here are 3 Ideas for Holiday Videos that you can steal and use to wrap up 2020:



Whether it’s thanking your loyal customers or your hardworking team, creating a Thank You Video is an easy way to express gratitude, show off your community, and end the year with warm fuzzy feelings.

Ask your colleagues to film short video clips saying thank you (to whoever deserves to be thanked!) and cut it together into a friendly video perfect for sending to customers or sharing on social media.



Again, while 2020 may not be a year you want to relive anytime soon… there’s probably been at least a few highlights worth sharing.

Whether it was the births of employees’ children, creative ways your team stayed connected while working from home, or celebrating the marketing/sales/outreach initiatives that kept everyone afloat… gather any visual assets you have (photos, videos, screenshots, zoom recordings!), add a high energy music track and produce a fast-paced, upbeat video that recaps the year.



Instead of looking back on 2020, you can also try to just forget about it entirely, fast track, and go straight to next year!

Ask your community what their goals are for 2021 or what they’re most looking forward to.

It can range from the lighthearted (“make more of an effort to accessorize my face mask with my outfit”) to the real (“master the balance of managing my kid’s Zoom school schedule with my WFH schedule”) to the very ambitious (“I want to study to become an epidemiologist and run for Mayor.”)

Then, put together a fun compilation video of the best answers to showcase your community and share it on your social channels! End with a call to action that wishes your audience a happy new year and lots of luck in 2021.


All of these video ideas will brighten the end of everyone’s year and start 2021 with the right vibe.

So steal ‘em and start planning the perfect Holiday Marketing Video!


P.S. Not sure how to get the ball rolling producing a video? Start with this checklist, then schedule a free demo below to learn more.

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