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POW, PUSH & PULL: Content Marketing Videos


Want to incorporate videos into your content marketing strategy?

A simple way to start brainstorming video ideas is to divide your potential video content into 3 camps: POW, PUSH AND PULL.

This is also known as Hero, Hub and Hygiene content — but we prefer the 3 P’s — sounds more action-packed and less related to flossing. 🙂

Today, we’re gonna walk you through each kind of video and show you examples from one of our favorite online brands that excel at creating fun videos that feature their real community: Glossier.


Your “Pow” video is going to create the most impact.

It’s going to get people’s attention and skyrocket brand awareness because it’s highly shareable. This type of video is one that you might create once a year and probably want to invest a larger amount of money in.

This is your “Superbowl Commercial”.


  • Explainer Video for homepage
  • Facebook Ad that you’re gonna put some money behind
  • Announcing a new product launch
  • Crowdfunding campaign video

You want to put a whole lot of creativity behind this video because you want it to get as “viral” as possible, or at least shared around enough to organically reach a large audience.


Glossier wanted to show off their brand new product so they created this Pow Video. They clearly invested some time and money into the shooting and editing of this piece and with over 287K views it’s paid off: people are watching and sharing this video, wanting to check out the product and the Glossier brand.

HOT TIP: Since you’ll be investing a fair amount of money in this video, make sure you maximize it by creating multiple versions formatted (in both size and length) for all of your marketing channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Stories… everywhere!


Create rectangular, square and vertical versions of all different lengths with various call to actions, like “Watch the full video at…” or “Learn more at….”.


If you do this, you’ll reach a larger amount of people no matter where they hang out online.


Read more about social media video specifications here.


Your PUSH videos are the ones that you’ll be regularly pushing out your prime target audience, like your email list, LinkedIn followers, YouTube subscribers or internal team.

These are helpful videos your audience expects to receive and appreciates watching: they provide useful information or entertain your viewers.

Push videos are an excellent way to build brand affinity.


  • Case study video featuring testimonials from real customers
  • Video series that interviews successful people in your industry
  • Recap from a recent event
  • A video that shares what your company culture is all about
  • Important company announcements

This content is what keeps your site fresh and your audience checking in to find more. For this reason, it’s good to have a regular schedule for producing this type of video, whether it’s once a week or once a month.


This video is just 1 of 22 in Glossier’s #GetReadyWithMe YouTube series that profiles women candidly sharing their morning skincare and beauty routine. Many of them are Glossier’s own staff! It looks like Glossier simply asked the women to film themselves with mobile phone and the brand has been sharing these every few months since 2015. The videos have an informal, behind-the-scenes feel and the series has clearly found an audience as each video has racked up tens of thousands of views.

HOT TIP: Many of EditMate’s clients use their Team plan, which includes 1 video editing project per month, to create new videos every month to push out to their audience.


PLUS, the team plan includes additional teaser cuts of the video (15 and 30 second versions, for example) — so they maximize their video content and have plenty of material to push out on their social channels. ?


Your PULL videos are the ones that are going to pull new people into your brand’s orbit.

They should be highly searchable and ideally “evergreen”. Evergreen content is always relevant and won’t become dated… this way, it’ll keep getting found online by search engines introducing new people to your business!

These are videos that are solving a problem for your target audience while sparking exposure for your brand by answering their question.


  • How to Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Listicle Videos
  • Tips, tricks & hacks


These are the videos you should be making most frequently. They will grow your audience because they’re educational and provide functional value to both regular and new visitors.


With this tutorial video, Glossier is able to “pull” in viewers who find their brand after searching for “summer makeup tutorials”. The excellent thing about these videos is that you don’t really feel like you’re watching a marketing video because they actually feature a range of different makeup brands (rather than just Glossier products) but it positions Glossier as a useful resource and helps to further advance Glossier as an authority in beauty.

HOT TIP: An easyway to start making PULL videos is to turn your best performing blog posts into videos.


Take all of the information you’ve included in the blog post and have someone say it on camera — adding music and graphics to bring it to life.


You’ll find that your video will gain you access to new audiences who prefer learning via video (rather than reading) AND you’ll give your Google rankings a boost too, because Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video content.


Including video on your page drives a 157% increase in organic traffic AND lowers bounce rates because people spend 2x as long on a page that has a video!

Now that you know all about POW PUSH and PULL videos — start brainstorming the topics you can cover for your business.

Start with PULL videos first and you’ll find that those will spark new ideas for PUSH and POW content.

Remember to get your brand’s real community involved too: members of your team might be perfect to lead a tutorial for a PULL video and you probably have customers that can provide reviews or testimonials to create a PUSH video.

Keep the 3 P’s in mind pretty soon you’ll have a comprehensive video content strategy that amplifies your brand, connects your employees, educates your customers and brings in new audiences from far and wide! ?

Start Creating Pow, Push and Pull Videos with EditMate

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