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Marketer Monthly: 2020

MM July 2020

Hey! We hope you’ve been staying healthy, keeping busy, and enjoying your July — whether you’re beating the heat of the summer or enjoying a cool winter.

This month, we brought a new guy into our office and we’re also on the lookout for a Remote Video Content Creator to join our team.

Check out our listing here and if it sounds like you or someone you know, get in touch! ?

And of course, we rounded up our fave marketing content to share with you… 

Iceland’s New Tourism Campaign

Did you think tourism marketing is currently stalled? Think again. Promote Iceland, which encourages tourism to the country, is encouraging people to scream to relieve pent up frustration (which everyone around the world is feeling right now).

And even if you can’t travel to Iceland to do it… you can scream into your laptop/phone and your voice will be broadcast throughout the empty Icelandic countryside.

Watch the clever video here and see the full campaign website here.

Is COVID-19 the Death Knell for 1800s-era Work Culture?

Workplace culture has typically been defined by things like the standard 40 hour work week and clocking in and out, ideas that were developed during the Industrial Revolution. But Covid-19 is changing these work conventions.

As a fully-remote team that works around multiple timezones, we’ve always focused on “outputs” (work done) rather than “inputs” (hours worked). In this Op-Ed from Ryan Holmes of Hootsuite, he details the history of input culture and asks the question “What if we stopped obsessing over how many hours people work and instead focus on what they get done?”.

The Headspace Email Marketing Teardown

Headspace is a meditation app that has been downloaded by more than 31 million users and has an annual revenue of more than $50 million. So, Headspace’s marketers are definitely doing something right.

This teardown takes a deep dive into how Headspace uses email marketing to generate leads, convert customers, and build a winning brand.

If you’ve ever designed an email funnel or brainstormed an email marketing strategy, you’ll want to check it out.

AND IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Here are the Top 3 Ways to Create User-Generated Videos Right Now




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