We all know it’s true: relatable content is what sparks consumer trust and drives purchases.

Super polished, overly scripted videos just don’t cut it anymore. Most consumers now see right through slick advertisements and celebrity endorsements.


For Gen Z in particular (those born after 1996), authenticity is everything.


According to a survey by WPEngine and the Center for Generational Kinetics:

  • 79% of Gen Z stated they trust a company more if the brand images aren’t Photoshopped
  • 84% trust a company more if they use actual customers in their ads


Authentic content — featuring real people and their real words — now plays an absolutely critical role, leading consumers to discover new brands and products.

This type of content also deepens loyalty and trust with the brands people are already fans of.

When it comes to visual content, it must feel real and relatable.

And with the popularity of InstaStories and TikTok, this is especially true for video.



Project Repat collected real mobile videos from their customers and created this authentic, effective video that boosted brand affinity and drove sales. 


But how can a marketer access real videos?

And regularly enough to be able to share fresh content across all of their internal and external marketing channels?

Additionally, how can marketing teams ensure that their user-generated video content is aligned with their distinct and timely marketing objectives?

How can they filter and leverage that raw video so not only is it effective but it’s also on-brand?

There hasn’t been a streamlined, scalable way to collect and produce user-generated video content. Until now.

Until EditMate.

Our proprietary marketing technology enables marketers to create a high volume of videos with user-generated video crowdsourced from their brand’s real community.

With our software, businesses can easily collect video clips from their customers, employees, brand ambassadors and fans… anywhere in the world.

EditMate has an:

– easy to navigate user-interface to manage projects
– mobile friendly video uploader (that can be custom branded to match your business!)
– a global network of expert editors that can provide lightning fast turn-around times


Using EditMate, marketers can engage and activate their businesses community (both internal and external) to crowdsource video. And use that footage to create authentic videos that cuts through the noise of traditional advertising and converts customers.

Our innovative technology is a game changer for marketers that want to stay ahead of the curve.

Want to learn more and explore how your business can use EditMate?

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