5 ways HR, Employee and Internal communications teams are using User-Generated Video

Whether your company has always embraced remote work or Covid-19 suddenly forced you to, most offices have now shifted to working from home.

While working from home certainly has its perks (No commutes! No pants!) it also created a challenge for HR, employee communications, and internal communications teams:

  • How do you keep employees feeling personally connected when they’re physically in different locations?
  • How do you celebrate company wins and milestones when everyone can’t gather for an after-work party or happy hour session?
  • How do you train new employees and keep morale high when people can’t learn and socialize face to face?


Fortunately, this new normal we’re all currently adapting to compliments with the way video has evolved over the years…

The ubiquity of mobile phones has made it easier than ever to create, share, and consume video.


User-generated video (content shot by a non-professional) has become a powerful tool for businesses — and not only for external marketing purposes.

Here are the reasons why User-Generated Video is valuable for employee engagement RIGHT NOW:

  • Everyone is at home, online and on their phones
  • UGV keeps employees involved, connected and sharing information in a relatable, authentic and human way
  • It maintains a bond between an employee and a company while encouraging employee advocacy and ambassadorship
  • Enables employees to actively build their own personal brand as a professional


So today, we’ll share 5 ways HR, employee communications, and internal communications teams are using user-generated video content to boost employee engagement. ?

We’ll also provide tips for getting started and feature examples from some of our favorite recent EditMate projects…

1. Showcase Employees



Highlighting your employee’s roles and experience at the company is a great way to introduce team members and is also makes for great recruiting content when you’re hiring. 

Feature your employees in videos that share their opinions, experiences, and celebrate your company values.

2. Show off Company Culture



Show off your company’s priorities and the initiatives you have in place to help your employees.

3. Internal Campaigns



Share wellness and work/life balance initiatives.

Promote new tools your teams are using. 

4. Training



Have your most informed employees share knowledge and information in an informal, approachable way. User-generated video makes it easy for your employees to absorb detailed information, train others, and create helpful resources for their team. 

? HOT TIP: Have an accessible spot online where all of these videos live, so employees can easily refer back to specific videos as they need to. Using EditMate, you can quickly create public or private (password protected) Video Channels to store and share videos. 

5. Leadership



Use video to capture candid thoughts and feedback about company policies and events from senior leaders. Or have thought leaders share words of wisdom and helpful information to your employees. 

Tips for producing User-Generated Video Content for Employee Engagement: 


  • Provide guidance and/or incentives to employees about capturing user-generated video
  • Assign 2-3 people to lead a project, once other employees see how others have contributed they will want to get involved
  • Ask employees about what kind of video content they think would be the most valuable
  • Share simple best practices to ensure employees share the best quality video possible (see our Employee Generated Video post for more tips)
  • Give employees time to contribute and make the process as simple as possible…


? HOT TIP: EditMate has all the tools you need to make this process as simple as possible. Learn more here

Want help getting started? Contact us to schedule a free demo and brainstorming session. ?


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