What is EditMate?

EditMate is a user-generated video marketing software and service. It unites proprietary technology and human creativity to help brands create authentic video content that truly connects with their community. 

With our Dashboard and Uploader tools businesses can start projects, upload existing footage, crowdsource user-generated videos/photos from their real community and write creative briefs.

Our Video Editing Service is powered by a global network of vetted, professional video editors that are available on-demand to edit your projects and help you create on-brand, polished videos.

Our Video Channels make it simple to store and share your videos, too. 

Who uses it?

Anyone who is interested in creating videos for a business.

Most of our clients are part of marketing and internal communications teams but we also do a lot of work with forward-thinking agencies and entrepreneurs.

How much does EditMate cost?

See our Pricing page for a full breakdown of our subscriptions, add-on’s and package options!

I want to shoot a video myself and then get it edited. Can I do that?

Yeah of course!

Just start a project and fill out the Creative Brief, upload all of the footage you shot to that project and click the “Request an Editor” button. 

I want to implement an employee-generated/user-generated content system where I work. Is your system easy to use?

Yes! We have been refining our system for collecting photos/videos to make it as streamlined as possible for over 5 years. 

It’s a super easy, streamlined system and it can be white-labeled to match your brand!

You can schedule a free demo on our Contact page to learn more. 

What types of videos are created with EditMate?

Businesses have used EditMate to produce nearly every kind of video you can think of: explainer videos, Facebook ads, Instagram Story Ads, recruiting videos, training, tutorials, event videos, unboxing videos, LinkedIn videos, event recaps, testimonials, product demos and more… just to name a few.

In recent years, we’ve also seen a huge spike in videos for internal communications, brand advocacy, thought leadership and videos that show off company culture and diversity.

We’ve even done a whole episode for ESPN!

As the internet and social media evolve, businesses have used EditMate to keep up with new video trends and create a high volume of video for all of their channels.

See our Featured Work and Case Studies page for video examples. 

How do I learn more or sign up?

Start by scheduling a demo with our Director, Scott. He’ll walk you through all of our products and services and can also set you up with you an account.


How do I start a New Project on the Dashboard?

Here are the steps:

  1. Log-in to dashboard.editmate.com
  2. Click “New Project” and name your project.
  3. Fill out the Creative Brief section, sharing your hopes and dreams for your new video project. Hover over the little (i) icons next to every section of the Creative Brief to get helpful hints on filling out your brief. 
  4. Upload your videos, photos, any existing footage and brand assets to your project or share any public URL’s (YouTube, Hightail, DropBox, Google Drive) that you would like your Editor to have access too. 
  5. If you’d like to crowdsource video, use the “Mobile Crew” section of the Project page (see below for more on that). 
  6. Once you have everything on your project, hit the yellow “Request an Editor” button.


Watch this video that walks you through the steps:

I need a simple way to aggregate videos. Can you help?

Definitely! Our Uploader tool is a simple, streamlined way to crowdsource videos and photos from anyone, anywhere in the world. 

You can use the standard EditMate Uploader with a Pro plan or design a Custom Branded Uploader if you are on a Premium or Enterprise plan.  Both are available as public URL links and they’re designed to look great on mobile. 

All uploaded videos land in the corresponding project (organized by #hashtag) on the Dashboard where you can review and rate each clip. 

With EditMate, you can forget about email attachments, WeTransfers, and not having enough storage on your Google Drive. We took care of all of that! Plus, you get unlimited video storage. 

Learn more by contacting us and scheduling a free demo. 

How do I use EditMate to crowdsource video and photos from my employees, customers, brand ambassadors or fans?

1. On your project page, add the emails of the people you would like to crowdsource footage from in the “Mobile Crew” box. Make sure to separate each email with a comma. If you have a big long list of emails in a CSV file, you can just drag and drop that into the Mobile Crew box, too. 

2. Write directions for what you want them to film and submit in the “Crew Directions”.

3. Add a unique #hashtag to your project. This is the #hashtag your crew will use when using the Uploader.

4. Click the little blue envelope icon on the “Mobile Crew” box to send a Crew Invitation email immediately or schedule it in the future.

5. Your crew will get emails inviting them to upload footage to your project with the EditMate Uploader: editmate.com/upload or your custom-branded uploader (if you’ve designed one with us). All footage uploaded with your #hashtag will land in your project!


Watch this video that walks you through the process: 

How many people can use the Uploader?

An unlimited amount!

It’s public and doesn’t require a password, so anyone you who has the Uploader URL and #hashtag can upload videos to your project. 

How many photos or videos can someone upload with the Uploader?

A user can upload up to 4 photos and/or videos at a time. And they can upload as many times as they’d like!

What should I write in the Crew Directions Box?

Let your crew know what you want them to film and why.

It’s also a great idea to provide some easy tips to ensure you receive the highest quality video possible, i.e. “film horizontally on your phone”, “if you’re capturing someone speaking, make sure you’re in a quiet room”.

More tips about that can be found here

I want to ask people to submit videos with the Uploader on my brand’s social pages or through my own email marketing platform. Can I do that?

Of course! Just share the Uploader URL and your project #hashtag anywhere you’d like. Anyone with that information can upload videos to your project.

Where can I find the Uploader?

It’s available as a public URL link and as a downloadable app, so you can easily access it in 2 places:

1. Go to editmate.com/upload on any phone or computer


2. Download the EditMate App (available for both iOS and Android)

How do I design a Custom Branded Uploader?

If you’re on a Premium or Enterprise plan, you can design your own Customized Uploader right from the Dashboard. You can design as many Uploaders as you’d like, to match your business, brand, or for specific campaigns.

Watch this video to learn how to design a Customized Uploader: 

I plan on filming with a GoPro for a project, will that type of file work on the Dashboard?

Yup! We have many customers that use a range of cameras (DSLR’s, GoPro’s, WebCams, Drones, etc) to film.

Our Dashboard will accept and store it all. If you’re encountering an issue with a specific type of file, contact your Project Manager via the Chat Box and they’ll sort it out for you. 

Should I be expecting email notifications for when a Draft of my video is ready or when a new comment has been added on the Chat Box?

Yes, you will receive emails from notifications@editmate.com

It’s important that you mark this email address as “safe” and “not Spam” so they don’t get caught in your Spam Folder. This will ensure that you’ll receive notifications in real-time and your project will be completed quickly and smoothly.

How many members of my team can be on my EditMate account? I want others to have access to my projects and start their own projects.

However many you need! Our Pro plan comes with up to 5 users and our Premium plan comes with up to 15 users. And we customize our Enterprise plan to suit our client’s larger needs, so just let us know how many seats you need and we’ll build your subscription plan to match.

We work with some small businesses that need 2 seats while others have multiple teams in various offices all over the globe so those enterprise subscriptions have 50 seats or more. We can accommodate whatever you need!

Can I upload brand guidelines to the Dashboard?

Yes! We actively encourage all of our clients to share their brand assets (logos, fonts, colors, best practices) so our Editors can edit a video that perfectly matches your brand.

You can drop a .zip folder with all of the assets into any project but please also store them on the Dashboard in your Brand Library.

It’s great to share links to your website and social media channels too, so we have a full understanding of your brand’s aesthetic and messaging.

What is the Brand Library for and how do I use it?

Using the Brand Library is a super simple way for you to store your brand assets (fonts, colors, logos, guidelines) so that everyone on your team and any Editor assigned to your projects will have easy access to them. This way, you can be sure that all of your videos will be 100% on-brand. 

All you need to do is upload your assets to your Brand Library. Here’s a video that shows you how: 

What are the Video Channels for?

The Video Channels are an easy way for you to organize and share any of your videos outside of your projects.

Creating a Video Channel also allows you to share collections of your videos with people who don’t have an EditMate account. This is useful for getting feedback from outside stakeholders on your video Drafts or sharing your Final Cuts with people without having to upload them to YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

Video Channels can be public or private (password-protected).

To share a Video Channel all you need to do is share it’s unique URL. 

How do I create a Video Channel?

Watch this to learn how to create a Video Channel: 


How much will it cost to get a video edited?

Editing projects are quoted on-demand and typically start around $1,500.

Each project is custom quoted, includes a highly-skilled professional video editor, dedicated project manager, and can also include:

– 2 rounds of revisions
– a voiceover in any language or accent
– custom graphics and animations
– subtitles and captions
– audio clean up
– color correction
– royalty-free music
– multiple versions and formats for sharing on various social media channels

We also offer discounts on multiple editing projects, we call those “Project Packs”.

Learn more on our Pricing Page and Contact us to discuss your project!

How hands on do I need to be with my Editor during the editing process?

As involved as you want to be!

All of our Editors work full-time in the video production industry and have a minimum of 5 years experience so you can have 100% trust in them.

We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses that have varying levels of experience producing videos, so you can let our Editor get creative and go wild with your project — or you can be super involved, guiding them every step of the way. Up to you!

What is the turnaround time for an edit?

We typically ask for a 48 hour minimum to allow for 2 rounds of review on each project, but we can do faster, if needed.

We have Editors located in multiple time zones so they can edit while you sleep!

We can do overnight edits or live-time edits too, which are great for event recaps. 

How can I be sure your Editors are good?

Our Editors aren’t good. They’re great.

All of EditMate’s Editors work full-time in the video production industry and have a minimum of 5 years of experience so you can have 100% trust in them. They’re also all native English speakers. Unless of course, you need an Editor who speaks Spanish — in which case, we got a guy for that, too. 

We assign Editors to projects based on their skill set and what your project requires to make sure you’re getting the best possible match.

How do I communicate with my Editor?

Through the yellow Chat Box on your project. 

I already have an Editor I work with. Can I still use EditMate?

Absolutely! We offer subscriptions to our software that are completely separate from the Editing Service. You can use EditMate to start projects, crowdsource footage, and store content and use your own Editor to edit it. 

You can use it exactly the same and even add your Editor to your EditMate account, so they can easily download footage and manage the project with our software.

Do you provide voiceovers?

Sure can! We can add voice overs in any language or accent to your video. 

Can you do animation?

We sure do! We work with some very talented animators and motion graphics artists. Simply let us know what you’d like in your Creative Brief.

Can you add music? Can I use videos with that music on my social media channels?

Yes! We license and purchase royalty-free music for all of our videos. You’ll be able to use the videos without any issues, anywhere on the internet.

The price of the royalty-free music track is also included in your editing quote, so you won’t be surprised with any hidden costs. 

Can you add captions or subtitles to my video?

Yup! We do that too. 

What else does an edit include?

Pretty much everything you need: audio clean-up, color corrections, royalty-free music, sound effects, stock videos/photos, custom text graphics and animations.

And of course, 2 rounds of review to ensure you get exactly the video you want. 

What if I can’t provide a lot of footage for the Editors to work with?

No worries! Our Editors can source stock videos and photos for your video projects, along with building custom text graphics and animations to help flesh out your video.

In fact, many brands use EditMate to create their first explainer video when they don’t have a lot of content to work with but our Editors’ creativity can help bring their video and their company to life. 


What is your pricing? How do the subscriptions work?

For access to our software, we offer Pro, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. Editing projects are custom quoted.

We also offer discounted editing packs and add-on’s to subscriptions to help our clients build a package that perfectly fits their video needs. 

Learn more on our Pricing Page and Contact us to get started!

Can I trial EditMate with a project before I sign up for a subscription?

Of course! We’d love for you to give it a go to see if we’re a good fit for your business.

Contact us to get special trial access to the software.

We can provide you with a custom quote for your first editing project, whenever you’re ready.

I only need videos edited occasionally. Can I use EditMate on a project by project basis, outside of a editing package?

Yes, we can set you up with a Pro, Premium or Enterprise subscription to our software and provide custom editing quotes only when you need them.

See our subscription plans on our Pricing Page

How long will it take for my team to get set-up on the EditMate platform?

Give us 30 minutes. We can get set you up in no time at all.

Schedule a demo here to get started right now.

I’m thinking of getting a 12 Project Pack but want to try EditMate out with a trial project first. If later on I decide to buy a package, will the price of my first, one-off project count towards my 12 Project Pack cost?

Yes! We’re happy to have that one-off project cost count towards your 12 Project Pack cost. 

I’m really looking for a video partner that can help my business establish a video strategy, build our video aesthetic and really bring my ideas to life. I want to be creating fresh, regular video content throughout the year and will need guidance on how to do that. Can you do that?

Definitely! Many businesses lean on our Directors and Project Managers to help with creative direction on their video marketing strategy and overall, design a video plan that can be executed using the EditMate software and service.

Our Premium subscription includes a video strategy session where a Director will work with you to brainstorm video ideas and design a detailed plan to help you accomplish your marketing objectives.

Additionally, a Project Manager (along with an Editor) is assigned to each project to help you flesh out ideas, provide suggestions, and answer any of your questions.

Our Premium and Enterprise clients treat EditMate like we’re an in-house video team available at their fingertips. We’ve really been able to help them build or revamp their video marketing plans and create a high volume of video content.

See our Case Studies for specific examples of this and learn more about our Premium and Enterprise subscriptions on our Pricing page. 


How can I subscribe to your Marketer Monthly email?

Subscribe right here!

I want to be an EditMate Editor! How do I apply?

Currently, our Editors are handpicked or by direct referral only. But as we’re growing, we’re always on the lookout for more Editors to add to our network.

If you have at least 5 years of full-time experience as an Editor, please send your resume, reel, and links to your work to rachel@editmate.com

I want to talk to a human!

Like, on the phone? What is this, 1995?

Just kidding — schedule a call with our Director, Scott right here. He loves a good chat.