Video Ads Shot on a Phone: Bentley

Check out this gorgeous, short documentary for Bentley Motors… shot entirely on an iPhone 5s! Make sure to stay tuned til the 3:15 mark, where you can see behind-the-scenes footage of how they did it. The filmmakers turned a $300,000 luxury car into a production office, to show that the Mulsanne is a wildly fancy tech-hub … Read more

Movie Shot on an iPhone: Tangerine

Award winning independent film Tangerine was shot entirely with 3 iPhone 5s cameras using the FiLMIC Pro App. FiLMIC Pro allows for control over focus, aperture and color temperature along with numerous other useful tools. Director Sean Baker says: “Even with a DSLR, we would have ended up having extra crew members, and I would have had to … Read more

How to Shoot Video with a DSLR

What settings to use on a DSLR for Shooting Video If you’re using a DSLR camera for photos, you may be neglecting its video capabilities. Learn how to put your DSLR to better use and create video content for your brand! Below is a video from DSLR expert Ray Ortega that will help you sort … Read more