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Top 3 Ways to Create User-Generated Video Content

We’ve been preaching about user-generated video since way back in 2015. Back then, it was a fairly new term to most folks and it required a lot of explanation. Now, with the popularity of Instagram Stories, TikTok, and LinkedIn videos everyone is familiar with user-generated video content. You’ve probably already watched one today! The fact … Read more

3 Ways to Upskill Employees with User-Generated Video

upskill employees with video

An efficient, scalable, and cost-effective way to upskill employees is through user-generated video. Read on to learn the value of upskilling employees,  3 types of content you can create with user-generated video, and watch video examples from our real customers to get inspired with your own user-generated video plan…   In a digital-first world, the … Read more

7 Common Hang Ups About Video (and the Truth!)

    Many organizations have reservations about making videos a part of their marketing plan. Common concerns are that they require a lot of time. They’re too expensive. Or they’re hard to execute while employees are working remotely… Today, we’ll cover the typical hang-ups companies have about the video, reveal the truth, and share hot … Read more

User-Generated Video: The New Frontier in UGC

User generated content has boomed. With so much content being created, it’s officially a threat to traditional branded content. After all, UGC content is watched, on average, 10 times more than content created by brands. When 70 Experts Shared Marketing Predictions, UGC dominated the discussion: Tyler Anderson, the CEO of Casual Fridays emphasized the social proof factor in user generated … Read more

Why User-Generated Video?

The average consumer is bombarded by super slick video ads every single day. We’re rarely impressed by them anymore and because we also have the attention spans of gnats, we look elsewhere. What do you do when a TV commercial comes on? You reach for your phone. You turn your attention away from a beautifully … Read more