Notes from Drift’s Hypergrowth 2019

On Tuesday, our team rode our bikes down to Boston’s Theater District to attend Drift’s Hypergrowth conference. The event was held at the gorgeous Wang Theater and the Drift team put on a real show that was jam packed with excellent content from an all star lineup of speakers. If you were a marketer, entrepreneur, aspiring … Read more

The Rule of 7

The Rule of Seven is one of the oldest concepts in marketing. It goes all the way back to the 1930s when movie studio execs discovered that a certain amount of promotion was needed to get someone to see one of their movies. The rule states that a prospect needs to “hear” an advertiser’s message … Read more

5 Ways to Promote Videos For Free

You probably already know why video should be part of your marketing plan: Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users Video generates 1,200x more shares than text and images combined (!!!) After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online And hopefully, you’ve already taken action and produced an awesome video… … Read more

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Network

Even though everyone shops for just about everything online, real-life word-of-mouth recommendations still reign supreme as the most trusted way to attract new customers. Because while customers don’t always trust what a brand has to say… they do trust the genuine opinions of other customers. So how can you (as a marketer) harness the power of … Read more

How to Stand Out on Social Media in 2019

Back in the day, social media was where people connected in a meaningful way with people they actually knew or wanted to get to know. With its explosive growth, social media has become something very different: crowded, noisy, sales-y and political. It’s still valuable in that it’s different than traditional marketing. Social media helps to … Read more

Key Takeaways from AdTech Australia

Last week EditMate spent three days in Sydney for Ad:Tech Australia. The marketing innovation conference and exhibition celebrated it’s 10th birthday and I thought I would share some of my personal takeaways, including favourite presenters as well as the the smart + clever new businesses I was introduced to. Video proved to be a major theme of the … Read more