Marketer Monthly: December 2020

We’re almost there! Just a few weeks away from the start of a new year. We thought we’d wrap up our last Marketer Monthly of the year with links that we can learn from… A few lessons we can all take away from 2020…   The Big Lessons From History Covid-19 is hands down the biggest … Read more

Marketer Monthly: November 2020

How’s your November been? Did you know that the end of 2020 marks 5 years in business for EditMate? (!!!) (See the very beginning here!) To celebrate this month, we’ve been sharing our Top 10 Blog Posts with our email list and plotting a massive Black Friday/Cyber Monday Mega Sale.  Make sure you take advantage of it … Read more

Marketer Monthly: October 2020

Hey! How are you? Ready to read/watch the best marketing content October could muster up? And as a nice change of pace from the regular news cycle… we’re happy to report that our round-up is full of GOOD NEWS.  Let’s get right to it: INFOGRAPHIC:How Small Businesses Are Shifting During the Pandemic This interesting infographic is showing … Read more

Marketer Monthly: September 2020

Hey! With Q4 right around the corner, we’ve been planning our content for the rest of 2020 and extending a mega-discount to our email subscribers to help them plan their video content, too. Want to get on the list? Subscribe here and then reply back to our first email with the code #SIMPLIFY20 to book a free demo … Read more

2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar

Get a head start on planning your social media content with our downloadable 2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar. It includes national and international holidays, month-long holidays (like Pride Month and Pizza Month), and heaps of fun holidays to organize your social media content around… like International Tourism Day, International Students Day and Love Your Pet Day! … Read more

Marketer Monthly: August 2020

Hey! How’s your August going? We’ve been enjoying the last few weeks of summer here in Boston while social distancing, mostly on a boat. AND we’ve been gearing up for a virtual event next month! We’ll miss visiting NYC for #DMWF this year, but our couch will have to suffice. ? Until then, let’s get right into it… How Brands … Read more

Marketer Monthly: 2020

Hey! We hope you’ve been staying healthy, keeping busy, and enjoying your July — whether you’re beating the heat of the summer or enjoying a cool winter. This month, we brought a new guy into our office and we’re also on the lookout for a Remote Video Content Creator to join our team. Check out our listing here and if it … Read more

Marketer Monthly: June 2020

This month, we took a break from writing our normal blogs and emails and paused our social media posts. While an important movement was happening, we didn’t want to fill your screens with our marketing content. There were more important things for you to be reading about. Instead, we spent that time listening and taking … Read more

Marketer Monthly: May 2020

Hey there! How has your month been? In between puttering around the house and getting emotionally involved with sexy new TV shows, we’ve been helping our clients keep in touch with their community through user-generated video. We also created new video tutorials that give you a deep dive into EditMate’s software (in 2 minutes or less!). If you’re curious, … Read more

Marketer Monthly: April 2020

Hey!We hope you’re staying healthy and finding creative ways to adapt to this “new normal”.In-between shopping for face masks and sanitizing our groceries, we’ve enjoyed watching our clients use EditMate for virtual event recaps, at-home influencer campaigns, and morale-boosting employee communication videos. If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home too, we hope this month’s … Read more